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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Celebrating 100 Posts!- Top Ten recap

Jules here-

It has happened-- this is our 100th Post!  So, as the tradition of most syndicated television shows, I will do the top-ten most popular (by view-count) posts!! We are almost up to 7,000 page views and we hope we are entertaining and enlightening some of our readers. If you haven't had a chance to read our most popular posts... here they are:

10. Top Ten Ohio-Style by Jules  (about VISITING Ems....)
A recap of our fantastic visit out to Ohio:

We are missing our cousins right now!!!

 9. Mini-Rant #2 Disposable Society by Jules
A discussion about the wastes of Americans, particularly appliances:

This washing machine is MUCH nicer than the one I ended up with....

8. The Dad Role by Ems
A refection on the important role of fathers in our families:

Any chance to re-post this precious pic of my niece!!

7. Going to Church even for the Not-so-Right Reasons by Jules
Hopefully inspiring people who don't have a strong faith, to go to church for the sake of their kids.

I wish all the modern Catholic churches looked like this....

6. Theo's Book Recommendations by Ems
Have a young reader? Theo is an avid reader and has a fantastic variety of tastes.

Usually what Theo looks like when not playing soccer....

5. The Little Blessings by Ems
Being grateful for the everyday blessings we often take for granted.

Mmm.... best part of baking.

4. Kiddie Tech Talk by Ems
Ems reported on the joys of technology and some fantastic resources for your kids.

Just a little online school lesson, with the WHOLE family.....

3. Grocery Store Parade by Ems
Have you ever wondered what going to the store with seven kids would be like?

The precious cargo!

2. Song-spiration for Girls by Ems
Simple tips on raising your girls into strong, loving women.

The precious princess and her prince.

 1.Top Ten Things I've Learned from Working with the Elderly- by Jules
My only post that I linked to Facebook because I knew my healthcare friends would appreciate my thoughts on the elderly.

Working with senior citizens isn't for everyone.... but I love it!

We hope you all continue to follow along on our blogging journey-- we welcome all of your comments and feedback.  Feel free to share us with any friends or family who may enjoy!!

Easy Rule #7002-  When you are struggling with motivation, it pays to look back and see all you've accomplished already!

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