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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Week of Milestones

Ems here--

What an exciting week we've had! I just had to report on all the milestones we've accomplished:

(1) No More Thorns - In record time (for us), all the thorns have been pulled from our Lenten crown. When Matt pulled the last one out tonight, he shouted, "Woo-hoo, Jesus is free!" I will say, however, that most thorns were pulled by Josephine. She made a concerted effort to be helpful these last few weeks, and it really paid off. Thanks, Jo! Now we have plenty of time to decorate it before Easter. If only I had craft supplies. Boo crafts.

(2) Ponytails - Simona's hair is long enough for two little ponytails! Ok, I know she's no Rapunzel, but it's a milestone for a mother who's getting tired of the Pebbles 'do.

(3) Goodbye, Laundry Chair - Who am I kidding? Say "Hello" to the new laundry chair! Actually there will be two. I scored a sweet deal and got them for $75 each! It's such a good feeling to be updating a room in my home. If it ever comes together, I will take an After shot.

This is the old laundry chair. You probably didn't recognize it without the artful piles of apparel. Bye-bye, old pal!

Hello, new chairs! I will have two of these! Do you think they will stay lovely? I will let you know. They may be wrapped in plastic or draped in throw blankets.....but probably laundry will protect them. 

(4) First Kid to Get Stitches - And it's Theo! Theo took a swan dive off a tall kitchen stool and face-planted on the open dishwasher door. It was a painful as it sounds; head wounds are some nasty business. He lucked out and only needed 3 stitches.  He also injured his knee, but we think it's just a deep bruise. So all in all, relatively happy ending despite the mental trauma inflicted on his parents as we saw him screaming in a pool of blood.

(5) Number 5 Turns Number 5 - Thaddeus, child number 5, just turned 5 years old today! He chose his special breakfast of zucchini bread.  We hit up Ikea for lunch and shopping. His dinner selection was red sugar pork chops (I will put that recipe up sometime), rice, and corn. Chocolate chip cookie cake and presents followed. He declared it was his "best birthday ever!" as he rapturously opened Legos and football cards...he got a Peyton Manning with 436 touchdowns so he's over the moon.

High on life. Ok, it's sugar.

Easy Rule #41124: Head wounds bleed a lot, so try not to panic. Just die quietly on the inside.

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