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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Week in Review

Ems here:

This week, post Easter, has been so so busy! We had Ohio state testing for the older boys on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday--reading, math, and science, respectively.  They survived it, just a bit burnt out from all the writing involved. It's no joke nowadays, you even have to explain your answers in math. Boo, just boo. We had to run out the morning of the math test and buy protractors because ours disappeared; irony is that the boys said no questions required a protractor. Sure glad I stressed out about it.  Theo told a funny story about how one boy stood up before the test, twirling his protractor, and proclaiming, "I don't even know how to use this thing!" I'm glad his mother wasn't around to hear. I can only imagine the embarrassing things my children say when I'm absent....

Here are some other happenings this week:

1. Simona and I switched faces, courtesy of Aunt Bets and a wickedly funny app:

Who needs self-esteem anyway? Get this App!

2. My angel Gabriel (nearly 3) has been cracking me up lately. He has taken to complimenting me randomly throughout the day. Here's a classic example:

"Mom, you so pretty. You so nice. You so not a weirdo."  

Um thanks...I guess...

I heard Simi screaming in the other room and walked in to see Gabe forcefully hugging her, obviously against her will. "Gabe! Get off Simona! She doesn't want you to hug her!," I shout over the drama. To which he calmly declares, "It's true love."  Interesting interpretation there, pal.

3. Unattended baby discovers the joy of doughnuts. Because there weren't enough sweets in the house after Easter.

4. My friend Cassie and I have a mom and daughter play date, with cookies and cocoa. Guess which cookies I did NOT make... It was such a nice time!

5. The weekend was completely soccer filled! Weather was great, kids won their games, good times!

The perfect picture. Matt and Theo ready to juke defenders and score.....and if you look carefully, Coach Dad in the background!

6. While the older boys were in testing at the Hampton Inn, the little kids and I hung out behind the test site. You'd never guess we were 10 feet away from the Inn, would you? Sim was a little tired waiting for the boys to be done. I was a lot tired.

Off to sleep, courtesy of Nyquil, as I am currently in the throes of a nasty cold that is sneezing itself through the family. Please pray that it burns itself out quickly as I despise a stuffy nose.

Easy Rule #5221: The only thing worse is when the baby has a stuffy nose. Ah, I hear her now.

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