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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Ten- Crazy Christmas List

Jules here-

Time to write that letter to Santa (except if you're Em's kids... :)), and as I wrote my real list (socks, slippers, a crock pot, etc....) I imagined my fantasy Christmas desires.  With all the lottery talk, I pictured a Christmas without limits; and I know I just posted on being grateful for what you have, BUT, it is so fun to think of the extremes....

10. Unlimited shelves, containers, and storage.  Especially at the holidays, I realize how much stuff we have.  Living in America, we are so blessed with books, toys, movies, clothing, etc.  I just don't know where to put all of it. I love to a place for everything; however, $8+ a rubbermaid tote and $100 bookshelves are a bit much when you multiply them. I would love to be on one of those organization shows where they custom-build you storage just for your stuff.

9. A cleaning lady.  Oh, imagine a scoured bathroom floor; crumbs no longer hiding under my chairs, and a sparkling bathtub-- unless I turn one of  my girls into Cinderella, I doubt that will happen without a cleaning lady.  As a stay-at-home mom, it's hard to rationalize needing cleaning help but with homeschooling, limited space for stuff, and the Boy-- I have no time to keep up.  This leads me to my favorite "pin":
8. Masseuse on staff.  More than a cleaning lady, I would love to have a weekly (or more frequently if I was Oprah Winfrey-level-rich) massage.  Maybe because I have a huge 2 year-old and my noodle arms can't handle it, but I always feel sore and nothing feels better than a massage.

7. A makeover.  I caught part of the Today Show the other day in which they grabbed a random woman from the crowd and gave her a fantastic head-to-toe makeover. I was super jealous. I am not fashionable (as our younger sister will attest to) and I would love having someone guiding my clothing & hair choices. Which leaves me to my next choice....

6. New wardrobe.  I would guess 1/2 of my wardrobe is hand-me-downs (which I love!) and the other half dates back to high school and/or I acquired them at Target years ago. The problem with the cheap clothing I buy is that they shrink, stretch, or fade rather quickly.  I only have a few pieces that I choose to wear, and I would love to have all age-appropriate, comfortable, and classy clothing--and still reserve my sweatpants, pajamas, and zip-up sweatshirts for home (Doesn't it bother you on What Not to Wear when they throw out the ENTIRE old wardrobe-- you think-- what the heck will she clean the house in and she'll never be comfortable again?!?!)

5.Hardwood floors & a mudroom. Those are my must-have home improvements. The floors aren't actually a selfish desire, it's to quell my son's horrific dust mite allergy, but the mudroom is all for me.  We have officially 18" of snow on the ground BEFORE Christmas this year.  Slush, ice, and snow create puddles, wet clothes, and piles of mittens by my door.  I have no place store that gigantic mess every year. I actually stuff the clothes in a garbage bag to keep them out of my way--Oh for one of these:

4. Unlimited lessons for the kids. Being a homeschooling mom, we budget quite a bit and use as many free resources as we can.  BUT, I would love to have the kids in swim lessons, art classes, and my 3-year old would love gymnastics.  Unfortunately these classes cost quite a bit-- $150 doesn't sound that bad for 8 weeks but then times it by three... 

3. A veg-out day. Remember those days before you had children when you caught a marathon of a show on TV-- and there went your whole day? Yeah, I'd love just one day of that.  Usually if I have my children asleep, out with Dad, etc., I feel such pressure to clean, organize and check-off my To Do list. I would like to have a pressure-free day in which I could just watch an entire TV series season and do jigsaw puzzles (yes, I would love to move into a retirement community right now... I would fit right in-- scrabble, puzzles, and snacks....).

2. Uncapped spending on friends & family.  I dream about winning the lottery partly to accomplish this list, but also to be super generous with my gifts this Christmas. I dream about helping my little sis with her new baby, or giving Ems a fantastic family vacation to a sunny locale.  Wouldn't it be so much fun to be able to share wealth? To help alleviate financial stress from your family?

1. Sleep.  My husband pined the other day, "I can't wait until our kids are a little older so we can mountain bike, hike, and ski more often together."  And all I was thinking was, "Dear Lord, if I have some time to myself all I want is sleep, a good book and TV."  Seriously, it's been 6+ years since I had a solid night sleep and I doubt I will ever again:


Easy Rule #5909 Count your blessings, but don't be afraid to dream big.

Easy Rule #27872 Send your spouse a Christmas list early so you get what you really need. Don't try to make them guess.

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