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Monday, December 9, 2013

Shows to Watch on Netflix

Ems here--Please note that this is a completely frivolous post written by someone who has taken over 50 pictures of her children for Christmas card photos  with this being the result:

I am burnt out and only want to talk about mindless things like pretend people on the small screen. So.

Are you looking for some new shows to get into (aka, watch entire seasons in a matter of days)? Here are a few to try out if you are finding the holiday movies on the telly getting a bit old....

Please note that these shows are NOT for children! Nor are they for people who only watch historical documentaries. Or for people who like to be "productive" in the evenings.

Fringe--For X Files fans, or those who like their mystery mixed with a side of "man, that's some crazy.." Engaging characters  round out the suspense filled series.

Medium--Spooky, eerie, clever, compelling crime-solving series involving a police psychic and her very normal and appealing family. 

Eureka--Funny stuff involving an Everyman sheriff solving problems in a town of scientific geniuses whose creations often run amok.

Warehouse 13--Another SciFi treat about    Agents whose top secret job is to acquire and neutralize supernatural objects wreaking havoc in the world. Good character rapport.

Prison Break--Intense. Clever. Action-packed (cough--violent). Edge of seat stuff. Brother helping brother .

Buffy the Vampire Slayer--Fun, fun! If you've never seen it, you are in for a treat:) To be followed by Angel.

Haven--Not as polished as a prime time show, it is still very entertaining! The residents of a small New England town are affected by supernatural troubles, and are aided by a newcomer.  Based on a Stephen King book.

Happy Relaxing!

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  1. I shall comment---- Other shows that are awesome--- DR. WHO-- best series ever for sci-fi geeks. Also the new Masterpiece Mystery Sherlock Holmes series is unparalleled mystery fun. I love all the shows Emily has mentioned too, but I am only into season 2 of Fringe, but I love it.