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Thursday, December 12, 2013

On Dying

Ems here--I thought tonight I would share our conversation over dinner.  Somehow, the topic of death was broached, and the kids were all announcing their preferred methods of passing on....

Theo: I would like to be a martyr. Like in Iraq or North Korea or something. I'd preach and then when they said they were going to kill me I'd just say "Do it! 'cause then I'll go right to heaven and be happier than you would ever be!"

Nate: Did you hear how Maximilian Kolbe died? He was put into a locked room and starved to death for over a week!

Matt: (in horror): Ugh! I would not want that to happen to me! I want to die permanently! Like with a gunshot or a cannon!

Tad: I just want to die of old age.

JoJo: I want to die of happiness!!

Rule #3012: Conversations about death need not be avoided! It's a great opportunity to talk about faith, the soul, and the future (Matt wants to be a missionary and a soldier, for example).

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