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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cousin Love

Jules and kids are safely back home after a wonderful visit! The trip had to be cut short by a day, however, due to weather concerns. Perils of winter traveling. But it was really special that they all made the 12 hour trek to see us.  It's a gift to allow the cousins to get to know each other.


The week was jam packed--Mass, Ikea, homeschooling, library, running around the house like crazy.  Beautiful.  To those of you who live near family: EMBRACE IT! You are so blessed! I have never had any family near by while raising my children.  In this age of technology, I can't feel too sorry for myself.  I have seen so many (ok, all) of the Hallmark movies --you know the ones, by Janette Oke: Love's Enduring Promise or something, ad infinitum--where the young couple moves far from family and basically never sees them again. 

For some reason the rest of this post got deleted:( I don't feel like writing it again, but trust me, it was life changing.  

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