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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Two Year Anniversary!

Hi all!!

It has been 2 years since we started this endeavor-- and though our tagline still reads "Ten children" and Gemma topped us at eleven-- we are still two sisters writing this blog (though Ems feels insanely guilty for not posting more...)!!

Our eleven kiddos- plus cousin Charlie too :)

So, as the tradition of last anniversary, here are our TOP TEN most popular/read blog posts this year:

 #10 Blog Post of the year is my review of the Dollar Tree products that I use- and that I DON'T use...

Ah the dollar store craft section....

Our #9 most-read post is my admission that I have a tendency to dissuade my own children a bit in every day life...  So far, they still are somewhat confident children :)  I also encourage them to dream!

My little dreamers....

Our #8 most popular post is the random lessons I learned one week.... Still relevant today :)
Silly Day!! I think we are due for one!!

 Our #7  Blog post was my sum up on the start of my new home renovations (that were not going so well).
I am SOOO glad I don't have any more wall paper in my house...

Our #6 Post captured the photographic evidence of my journey through painting and re-doing a 1900s home.... Trading Spaces- Jules Style

I still love my mini-mudroom

Our #5 Post was our combo-post on the gifts that we recommend for children at Christmas time!  Don't forget to use some of the ideas this year as we near the holiday season....

Magnatiles- still using them... :)

Our #4 Blog post was Em's wonderful take on Mommy Shaming

Nutella for dinner- why not??
Our #3 Most popular blog posting was the announcement of baby Gemma and my take on the welcoming of new life!
Still missing one kiddo... :)

Our # 2 Most read entry wasn't even written by Ems OR Jules-- but the awesome Brian! His "Hubby Style" post was sweet, heartfelt, and quite entertaining too :)

The sweet sisters!

Our #1 Most Popular Blog Post is..... Em's announcement that she was having a girl:

Little precious Gemma! Super popular even before she was born...

 Hope you all continue to read, enjoy, and share our blog!  I have some new goals for this year with posting- so wish us luck on our fun endeavor! Remember, if you have any blog ideas, please comment or email- we love suggestions!

Easy Rule #2321-Even if you aren't meeting all of your goals, keep at it!  Though we don't post as much as we would like- it's still cathartic to express oneself even infrequently.

Easy Rule #32-  Having people actually READ your blog is fantastic :) Thanks!


  1. Woo hoo! We're #2! We're #2! Lol! Hope all is well sis. Miss you all!

    1. HA! I just read this. So funny, and true. You had *almost* the most popular post on OUR blog :)