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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Monthly Review and a Few Favorites

Jules here-

I know. I vowed to post more, and yet, I have not. I am truly sorry... but truly VERY busy.  This past month I moved to my new home, celebrated 2 kids birthdays, one mom birthday (and sis birthday, but I really didn't do anything but send a card... sorry Ems... not that organized... or rich) AND started minor renovations on the house.

I had all these grandiose plans of posting the before and after with my dining room... from 1960s wallpaper to fantastic bright & cheery dining room. Instead, after two weeks of scraping, peeling, and much child labor- I have achieved only "crack house" decor:

St. Patrick's Day- See Wallpaper behind...

Grace starting the peeling- first layer came off easily!!

2nd and third layer-- we had to bring in the big guns...
And Finally-- after scraping for 2.5 weeks straight.... it still looks like this:

Grace's Birthday Lobster (yes, she has expensive taste).. Note the spray bottle and scrapers in background.   

Every night for 2 weeks I have been scraping wallpaper for 2-3 hours a night. Seriously.  My new house is built in the 1900s and they knew how to glue stuff to walls back then.  Tomorrow, however, I am painting. My walls might not be perfectly smooth, but I hear the textured look is in-- so really, I am in style.

I did want to share some fantastic things about my new home and products that I have recently purchased and loved.  First, I love that I am living between two lakes on a peninsula- the views on my street can be beautiful and the sunrise/sunsets are spectacular:

Our one snow since moving in- I'm out of shoveling shape!
My breakfast view from the window!

 I also bought an Ikea bathmat that is plush, super-absorbent, and very washable! I LOVE it. It's also on sale right now, so if you are in the market for an awesome bathing experience-- get one.  Seriously, after three soaking children dry off on it, I can still take a shower and the mat feels dry!! It's incredible:

TOFTBO Bathmat IKEA Made of microfiber; ultra soft, absorbent and dries quickly.
Here's the link to the website. Awesome.

 I also have an extremely small bathroom- as in, you can brush your teeth while sitting on the toilet comfortably- small. Honestly, it's forcing me to be neater, more organized, and efficient.  Each child has his/her own mini-bucket with toothbrush and paste in it.  We used to share a toothpaste, so this helps with germs and knowing which one belongs to whom.

Yes, this is Ikea too. I got these in the "planting" section

Also, while crashing at my parent's home, I got to use their incredible potato cutter. It enables me to make french fries, potato wedges, and chips in 1/2 the  normal time.  Granted, my parents haven't bought me my own yet... but they promised soon....

New 7-Inch Wide Commercial Crinkle Cutter, Garnish Cutter, Potato Vegetable Cutter Cutting Tool, Stainless Steel
This is the one on It's about $8. Not bad to save a lot of time.
I also bought myself a TV as I didn't have one. I opted to go with a Smart TV from Samsung because I am not getting cable, just Internet for cost-effectiveness.  Now high-speed Internet is not cheap-- but it's still $80 a month cheaper than cable.  Plus if you buy Amazon prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc... it's still cheaper.  I will miss my DVR- but I have my Youtube workouts that I love!!!
Samsung UN46H5203 46-Inch 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV
Samsung TV- I got a great deal on mine :)

Plus, I get local channels for free! Yeah! Next time, I will try to have some Trading Spaces-style photos with before and afters of all my rooms; however, at  my current renovation pace, it could be next year. Thanks for your patience loyal followers (basically Mom) and bear with Ems and I as we try and deal with all the changes!

Easy Rule #43234- Home renovation looks A LOT easier on HGTV.

Easy Rule #5325- Finally getting settled into your forever home after 6 months of temporary housing- priceless (but thanks Mom & Dad for the temporary place to live!!)


  1. All we watch is Netflix in this house! I don't know why I pay for cable, except that it seems so cheap once you aren't getting the bundle "deal".

  2. The bundle up here was NOT that much cheaper-- otherwise, I probably would have caved. I am so surprised that I get 20+ local channels too though!!

  3. On TV renovations take twenty minutes!! It's not like that in real life???

    1. I think they may have a few "helpers" behind the scenes... my "helpers" wondered off after a few minutes of scraping. Plus they sucked at it.