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Thursday, February 26, 2015

One More Blessing to Rejoice In

Jules here-
We have an official announcement: Gemma Bernadette joined Em's brood one week ago today! She weighed in at a whopping 7#10oz (Em's biggest baby) and was the fastest delivery yet! CONGRATULATIONS!! (To me too, as I am an Aunt again :))  
Simona & Gemma
Once again, I have braced myself for the shock of people saying, "EIGHT children?!!? How can she afford it? She must have a huge house!" Or even, "What is she thinking?!?"  
Cousin fun! Three year old trouble makers....
Though I just missed the birth of precious Gemma to drive back to NH, I did have the opportunity to spend a few days with her LARGE family and I gleaned some precious insight into her lifestyle:
  • Having a Large Family Makes You Forget About Ridiculous Standards- Ems doesn't have time to worry about finding all the letters in the Cheez-It Scrabble crackers to make a Pinterest-worthy lunch. She just feeds the kids.  She doesn't try to throw themed birthday parties- she simply makes their favorite foods and a simple cake on their special day.
Yes, I am a true word nerd.
  • Large Families Entertain Themselves- No play dates? Who cares. No friends at the playground for pick-up soccer? You have enough for a team.  Ems doesn't have to come up with activities, games, or crafts- the kids are incredibly good at finding things to do.  Her kids made my kids look whiny, dramatic, and unimaginative...
Reading Curious George

The girls!
Blurry as they are rocking...
  • Children Learn Empathy- Older children see how to care for younger ones; they are able to learn precious life skills.  Theo was incredibly patient with the ever-pestering Lissie (who ADORES him) and he was able to chuckle at her playful persistence.  Each love to hold the new baby, and most of the time they are big helpers to Em!
Theo with the sleeping Gemma!
  • Babies Are Tiring No Matter How Many Children you Have- Newborns are precious- but also exhausting.  No matter how many kids you have, newborns make boot camp look like kindergarten.  One thing that IS a challenge with a large family, is initially finding the energy to cope with feeding, clothing, and schooling the rest of the family during this crazy time. Luckily, she has a great community helping with meals, transportation to sports, and an awesome husband who makes delicious grilled dinners and can shower seven kids in less than 15 minutes…
    Sleepover girls after showering!
  • Nobody Regrets Having Children- Only NOT Having Them- I work with the elderly; I can't even TELL you how many patients have said something like, "I had 4 children, but I wish I had more! I thought I couldn't afford them- I was wrong!"  Nowadays we say things like, "Oh I had my boy- now I am done!" or "I can't handle any more after two!"  Ems is embracing every gift from God- and she will NEVER live with the elderly guilt of not being open to life.  Each child brings a special joy, love and happiness to her family!!
One more blessing to add for next year's photo! Congrats!!!!
Easy Rule #353- Who’s going to take care of you when get older? Have a back-up plan. Or eight back-up-plans.
Easy Rule #9808- Raising children IS what life is about. Though it can be trying at times, try to remember that they grow quickly!!

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