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Monday, June 29, 2015

Buy This Not That- Dollar Tree

Jules here-

With all the parties, crafting, and pinteresting I do on a limited budget- I am a frequent visitor of the Dollar Tree.  From stocking stuffers to toiletries, I rely on only spending a few dollars on trinkets and necessities. Some things are a FANTASTIC bargain at the dollar store, and others- not really worth it at all...

Rather than worry about keeping a toothbrush for 60+ days or that accidental dreaded toilet dunk, I also have a few "Three-packs" of kids toothbrushes around. I love how they come in different colors, and how I have three children; kind of perfect, really. Poor Ems has to buy several of these...

I also like to frequently rotate my "poofs" so they don't get mildew on them.  Wal-Mart has similar pricing of poofs.  Now I have bought the three packs for the kids- they do NOT last as long as the big poofs do. They often unravel with minimal use, so I usually don't buy them.
Big poofs: good deal
Small poofs- buy for company for 1-2x use

Honestly, I laughed when I found this at my mom's house- Ems had left it there, but I tried it anyway for after my shower- and now I am ADDICTED to it... Having your hair up in a hair wrap rather than a towel is so much nicer!!  Wet hair doesn't drip on your neck in the winter and it keeps you cooler in the summer.... LOVE it...

Hair Supplies
When I moved, I think I found three thousand hair bands strewn throughout the house. Under tables, in couch cushions, and even in the kitchen supplies... of course, I can never find them when I need them.  I buy hair bands, barrettes, and even de-tangling spray at the Dollar Tree.
Worst barrettes ever

Works fantastically

These work great too.

 Craft Supplies
With Grace, we go through an amazing amount of Popsicle sticks, glitter glue, pom-poms and stickers-- the Dollar Store has the best prices for all of those items!
Pipe cleaners, paint brushes, glitter glue, popscicle sticks- all awesome!
I do NOT however recommend buying pens, crayons, or paint.... I rely on the back to school Crayola sales for that. Crayons are cheaper and better quality come late July/August! STOCK UP SOON!!
Not worth it crayons.

Fun for Kids
Of course I rely on the Dollar Store for fun toys, games, and activities for the children!  Compared to Wal-Mart the glow sticks are worth the drive! I even found a TWENTY pack of bracelets- multi-color for ONE dollar yesterday. I had to search through the racks- you can get anything from one magic glow wand for a dollar to 7 bracelets typically.

The mother load. You cannot get more for $1

I really like the mini-tea set for the kids (plastic, use with water) along with the fairy wings. They do eventually tear, but they last long enough for fun.
Worth it for a few weeks of fun! Tea set is great in the bath too!

Some of the plastic toys are NOT worth it- they are breakable and the parts are so small they are instantly lost.  This mermaid lasted a week in the bath before her tail was unfixable...
Paddle ball does not last connected long, and then paddle becomes weapon for young boys....

Party Supplies
Have you been to a iParty? Each set of plates starts at $3.99 for 10 plates?!?! Who could afford that?  I might not be able to find a character or theme that I am looking for- but plain colors can add a lot to a special event. Plus, Grace sometimes adds stickers to the plates to add to the festiveness.  I buy table cloths, foam plates for a big crowd, balloons, and streamers here.

What I don't buy for a party? The party favors.  They are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Most of the favors are "pretend"-- whistles don't whistle, kazoos don't kazoo, etc..... Not worth your money.  Look more in the toy section of the Dollar Store or the Target dollar bins for better value.
Many of these favors are "pretend" toys. No kid will "pretend" to like them.

Household Needs
I mistakenly bought toilet paper once-- the quality was "eh" and the rolls ran out quickly- I stick to name brands and "double rolls" from now on.

I do buy my freezer bags, sandwich baggies, and foil containers for meal-sharing.  They are much more affordable than the grocery store, and the quality is the same. 
Random Favorites
Finally, here is the round up of favorite miscellaneous items.  I love the random storage  bins, trash cans, containers, etc. Some of the imitation tupperware doesn't seal right- but for closet storage- this stuff rocks!
 Some of my followers may not know that I have never outgrown my love of candy. Currently in my car I have Sweettarts, Sprees, Jujubes, and Gobstoppers. Yes, all currently in my car right now. I drive for work, I need some sugar....   But if you are going to the movies you could pay $4-5 per BOX where here you could get a whole car full of candy :)
Mmmm... off to get candy fix now...
 I buy many a spice here at the dollar store- I cannot stomach the $5-8 a jar of spice at the grocery store.  Some spices may not be as potent- but heck, use more, it's cheap enough!
I especially buy cinnamon here so I can make the applesauce cinnamon ornaments at Christmas without spending a fortune.
 Ice cream truck go buy your house? Everything STARTS at $2-3 a pop-- either go to the grocery store to buy a box of treats- or spend a couple of dollars buying the kids a treat here and there!
 Don't forget the tool section I mentioned in my previous post-- I LOVE the wrenches, screw drivers, level, measuring tapes... etc.... all still work!!
 And two things NOT to buy. The paint brushes lose bristles quickly and did not paint evenly. 
 These storage bags LOOK like the ones you get at Bed, Bath & Beyond- but they rip easily and can't hold much... Avoid buying.

El Cheapo
Have any Dollar Store finds that you would love to share? Comment and let me know- I pretty much go there every week!

Easy Rule #347234- Don't let pride keep you from trying a discount store- there can be great deals!

Easy Rule #42342- Sometimes even spending a dollar isn't worth it- Make sure you know what's worth your money!

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