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Monday, June 8, 2015

Top Ten Lessons this week

Jules here-

I would like to pass on some moments of wisdom I have gleaned this week in my Top Ten lessons I have learned this week:

10- Don't empty the lint trap with damp hands.  When you are quickly cycling the laundry and your rinse of your hand under the water, don't then touch the lint-- it immediately becomes a fuzzy disaster.  Trust me. 

9- When a three year old tells you he already went to the bathroom, don't trust him.  Even if he insists that he doesn't have to go, or that he already went before the long car ride. Physically place him on the potty and wait...
Potty time.

8- When a three year old says he's got to go "potty really really badly" trust him.  Conversely, if you are driving along and your three year old starts wailing about how he needs to go "really badly".... stop the car. Make him tinkle on the side of the road, or you will have to clean the car seat...
No bathrooms in traffic....

7- Having three kids really does slow you down. Literally.  The Nike App is great! Especially if you want to see how slow you are now.  I was a runner in high school and beyond, and I completed distant events. Occasionally I have run at a conversational pace with my ex-neighbor still awesome friend, Lisa, however, we never timed ourselves. I recently downloaded the free app and went for a run-- I am literally 100% slower than high school for the mile time. 
My favorite "running" buddy... I use the term "running" loosely... We are much better friends than runners...
6- Moms might get scurvy.  I love when my kids eat fresh fruits and vegetables- and honestly my kids love most of them!  With the expense of fresh produce, I usually only buy the on sale items.  I always dream of winning the lottery and having fresh raspberries and blueberries every morning. Until then, I often go without.  I allow the kids to devour the vitamin rich food- and I barely get a serving a week. I indulged in strawberries and cheerios tonight-- I forgot how delicious that combination is!! 

5- Kids need very little for fun.  Since the move, we have not had a "break". We've painted, repaired, unpacked and hosted a housewarming--- so the last Monday I threw a "silly day" just to relax with the kids and NOT do housework.  Just a little face-paint and some blueberry pancakes on a rainy day.  They were thrilled :)

4- Trust other parents. On a whim, we decided to hike the local mountain- Mt. Major.  A family was about to start a hike at the same time, and they recommended the yellow trail as the easiest.  We followed the more gradual route up to the top without incident.  At the top, some NON-parents recommended the orange trail on the way down as it was technically shorter...  About a 1/4 of the way down, I encountered a veritable cliff... I had to lower James down each giant boulder and block the super steep drop-offs from the girls... it took quite a bit of time... Next time, I'll listen to the parents.

You cannot believe how steep that is from this angle. But that is the trail.
Beautiful views- worth the hike!
 3- Kids art can be real art.  I have a lot of wall space without much art- so I decided to use a Pinterest idea and create an art wall for kids.  The kids feel like real artists and beam with pride as their pictures are chosen each week.  And you can rotate/recycle easier!

2- A night out doesn't have to break the bank.  We walked to our local restaurant for an appetizer on its new deck! We enjoyed sunshine, conversation, views, and only spent $14 including tip :) 

1-  "With children, the days are long, but the years are short" a patient once quoted me-- how true!! Some days I am counting the minutes until bed time, but then I look at James- THREE YEARS OLD already!  I had my first child SEVEN years ago-- time has flown!  I've already lived in my new house for three months, and yet it seems even longer...  I'm trying to take the time to appreciate the moments every day instead of wishing the time to move faster. 

Visiting Cousin Charlie!

Easy Rule #254354- Take a moment to see how much you learned- just this week!

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