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Friday, May 22, 2015

7 Quick Takes

Jules here-

Thought I would do a classic 7 Quick Takes Blog this Friday as I have more random elements to discuss....

- 1- 
We have just returned from a trip to Delaware this past weekend!  8 Hours each way- no DVD player- and we survived! We ate plenty of snacks, listened to hours of books on CD, and sang an innumerate amount of nursery rhymes.  It had been three YEARS since I had visited Delaware, and it was so wonderful returning to my childhood state!  And, we happened to arrive on my nephew's TENTH birthday-- I moved from Delaware to New Hampshire shortly after his birth, so this will be my tenth year in New England too!

If you have never been to Delaware or near-by Pennsylvania, make a special trip to Longwood Gardens!  It is internationally ranked as one of the top ten gardens in the WORLD!  I forgot how spectacular the acres of manicured flowers, trees, shrubs, and water fountains are! We had such a fantastic time!

If you do plan on going to acres and acres of walking-- you may want to pack a stroller.  My two youngest were QUITE exhausted after the afternoon.
At the entrance, before the walking...

This was not a posed shot. This is back at the entrance AFTER the walking.

As soon as you are out of New England- don't forget to stop for a Rita's Water Ice- though the prices are ASTRONOMICAL since I was last there.... it was fantastically refreshing on a hot day. 

I also had the opportunity to attend a childhood friend's wedding, meet up with a high school friend, and stay with my brother and sister-in-law.  It's always amazing with certain friends no matter how long it has been, it feels as if no time has passed. 
All dolled up for wedding! James's jacket lasted two minutes....
High school best friend, Joanna!! Loved seeing her darling girls!
James is still obsessed with golf:  he enjoys watching golf on TV, playing golf in our backyard, and he even insists on wearing "golf shirts".  We had the opportunity to sneak onto a golf course adjacent to my brother's home.  We had to play the hole QUICKLY while the "paying" golfers got closer to us...

You may be saying to yourself, "Oh, Jules has been traveling so much, that's why she hasn't blogged!" Go ahead, think that. It's not really because a coworker of mine gave me her kids' old Nintendo DS with MARIO on it for my kids......  I can't stop playing.....
Blurry photo courtesy of Lissie... I am bleary eyed and playing Mario....

And in the worst news of all, James's final pacifier broke.  I am sure some of you are calculating how old James is-- well, 3 1/2.  Yes, most moms wish for a child to give up a pacifier- but James, he still naps. I treasure those 1-2 hours of peace and quiet. And today, he is not napping. I hear him stomping around his room and getting into trouble (and, no, I am not checking on him...).  It took him 2 hours to go to bed last night, and the previous night he fell right to sleep with his pacifier! (albeit, it was at the top of the stairs...)

Easy Rules #23498-  Returning to the place you grew up can fill you with reminiscing and longing, but it also rekindles old friendships!

Easy Rules #453234- Addictions can be anything that stop you from completing your daily activities: smoking, alcohol, Mario.  Be careful what you choose. At least you can clean and drink at the same time.

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