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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Picture It: A Week in Review

Ems here:

First, this is a conversation today between Nate, the eldest, and Josephine (6) was a very sweet reminder of the purity of a child's faith--and how we should be modeling our own!

Jo: When I grow up, I will have my kids work in the garden with me and we will plant lots of flowers and vegetables!

Nate: (in jerky older brother mode) How do you even know you'll have kids?

Jo: (in her best "duh" voice) Because I'm going to get married!

Nate: That doesn't mean that you will have kids for sure.

Jo: Well, I will just pray, like St. Anne. And  God gave her Mary!

And there was no responding to that. Victor: Josephine!

And here are some happenings of the week:

1. Mom-mom visited!! Hurray!! Thanks for making the difficult trek, Mom. We love you!

2. Endless snow. Why, Lord, why? (Shaking my fist in near despair)

3. One of my children (to remain nameless to save face) read this caption on the King Arthur flour and was just thrilled to learn that this horrible disease had been vanquished by such a sweet treat:

4. Jo decided Gabe was her baby.

5. A Christmas present was discovered and all the younger kids LOVED it! The Melissa and Doug toy of matching wooden shapes to the picture pattern was a huge hit. Recommend!

Easy Rule #3667: Commemorate the daily events. Having an iPhone makes this much simpler. 

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