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Monday, February 3, 2014

February Happy List

Jules here...

Ah.... winter in New England the skiing, sledding, snowshoeing and OH DEAR LORD END PLEASE!!!! O.k. after just leaving this:

I am having a hard time coming back to this:

Snow-suit commercial for hand-me-downs
So I decided to write a "What's making me happy this week" post to help cheer me up from the inevitable February slump.

1. My Kindle. Being someone who just upgraded to a new flip phone, I love the opportunity to be in the loop with fun apps.  I also LOVE all the free books (from Amazon or my library) that I can read.  AND, you can read in the dark until it automatically turns off after 5 minutes of disuse-- which happens pretty much every night....

2. Dance parties.  We have a lot of energy in our household, and I love You can seriously search for any song and make your own playlists. I do everything from the Wiggles and Disney songs, to throwback dance tunes that I can get the kids to go wild to:

3. Our Fire Place. I could not survive winter up here without our fireplace insert, and this week I am especially grateful for our picnic lunches by the fire:

4.  Sherlock Have you watched this Masterpiece Mystery show? I love it. You can catch the previous season on Amazon prime (I'm not sure about Netflix).  Witty writing, engaging plots, and captivating characters--what a great way to pass the time during these blustery days....

5. Sleeping children.  My return trip on the airplane was glorious---why? The boy slept the entire second flight (after a 2 hour delay on the tarmac....).  But honestly-- sleeping children look like angels and parents have a moment of peace:

My first selfie with James :)

Easy Rule #409024- Don't just count your blessings at Thanksgiving--it can help change your attitude in any season!

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