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Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 1- Phone-Free Fridays for Lent

Jules here--

At the commencement of our "posting every day" week, I'd like to reflect on the impact of technology on our homes and family.  Now, I do recognize the irony of denouncing the very technology that one is reading this blog on: PC, phone, laptop, tablet; but, I am mentally preparing for the Lenten season starting next week.
Glued to a video on the laptop

As I type this, I have the television on, my kindle on the arm of the couch, and the baby monitor telling me that my 2 year-old is just waking obviously I love technology, but sometimes I savor simpler times.  Luckily, I have resisted the urge to get a smartphone; most of my friends seem mentally attached to theirs and I like that I usually forget where my cell phone is. However, I do have a Kindle Fire that soothes my scrabble addiction and e-mail-checking problem.  We also use technology to placate children, fill silences, and avoid in-person interactions--not that that's necessarily wrong but I think we should have an awareness of how we use technology.

So my proposal for Lent is:

Am I proposing we throw the televisions out the window and rid the world of internet access? Heck, no. BUT, I like the idea of challenging myself to do without certain technologies for simply one day a week--- AND I'm going to take my family with me on this magical journey.

So far my list for the "Phone-Free Friday" includes:

  • Phone calls
  • Texting
  • Home phone
  • Television
  • Word games
  • Facebook
  • Computer time

The obvious exceptions to my list are:
  • Communicating for urgent needs: If I am meeting a friend I need to know when/where etc; work-related calls, and bills, etc.
  • School-related activities. Much of my homeschooling is done online and I print out A LOT of material.
  • Music-- since I don't have any radio in my house, I would like to put on the internet radio for the kids to dance to!
  • In case of vomit, the above list will be null and void (I cannot survive a day of sick children without the placation of television).

Why should you try to give up technology for just one day a week? Well, I plan to do a post on the Catholic concept of sacrifice for the spiritual side of Lent, but I also think it's so easy to get addicted to that constant access.  Disconnecting for even one day may open your eyes to your family's needs and to see if your children are also too reliant on that quick stimulation rather than their own imagination. Obviously I am quite reliant on technology as the 45 minutes of "screen time" every day are very precious to me, but I don't like it when my 2 year old starts demanding "I want play on Kindle!" as soon as breakfast's over.  So a little technology-purging will be refreshing!

So 9 days left until Lent--- am I ready to try this? Will I survive? Will you join me?  

Easy Rule #5690- Don't wait for a power outage to see if you could survive an Internet-free existence- try and free up some time and mental energy now!

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