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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 3- Top Ten Pinterest Pointers

Jules here-

I have alluded before that I am a bit of a pinterest nut; I could not design my curriculum, cook dinner or entertain kids without it.

Honestly, most of my fantastic recipes and ideas have originated from Pinterest and here are the top ten ideas that I could not do without:

10.  The Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage-- About the time I read this post on Pinterest, my middle one was potty-training, which is the equivalent of having a puppy run loose in your home. After the second "nude-escape" after bath time, the "beans" on the inside of the bean bag chair had seen (and smelled) better days.  And as any parent knows, when you leave two stuffed animals in a closet-- they secretly multiply....  It's a bit lumpy but we still sit and read stories in it and the stuffed animals have a place to go!

9.  The "Pop-Pop" Stool.   Having my first-born be in the 3rd percentile for height does not bode well for independent hand-washing in our pedestal sink.  When I sent my father this link to the plans, I hoped he would make it... and he did!  It seriously changed our life.  At the time, I had one independent potty-girl, one potty-trainer, and one nursing little guy.  To have my children be able to wash up before meals, fill up water cups, and even see themselves in the mirror saved me so much time.  We use it for cooking and sink play too!

8. Bathtub Paint.  This is so easy, cheap, and quick. If I need an extended bath time (translation: Dear Lord get these kids occupied until bed time), I will whip up a batch of the paint (simply shaving cream and food dye). It washes off easily and they love cleaning it up too!

7. Yogurt Bites. Such a simply, healthful, and yummy summer snack for kids. It's just frozen yogurt dotted on wax paper.

6.  Food Shaping. This is more of a generalization... pinterest inspired me to attempt many lunches to look (sort of) like animals, cars, robots, etc.  None of my creations are worthy of a photo, but the kids love them and they spice up a normal day with a bit of fun.

5. Storing my batteries.  Since I have an avid fisherman for a husband, finding an empty tackle storage box was easy for this project.  Now we always know where "fresh" batteries are and I can see when our supply is dwindling.

4. Life organization.  After seeing this project on pinterest, I had to organize my calendar. Each Sunday I write our schedule for the week including meals and "to do" items.   Using dollar store frames and craft paper-- the project was quite affordable too!  It has saved a lot of time/effort for quick access to our plans.

3. Apple Chips--and other healthful snacks. Super yummy snack that the kids devour! Along with Kale Chips, granola bars, and roasted chick peas... thank you, pinterest, for an alternative to the goldfish :)

2.  Pancake Mix. I've mentioned before how many pancakes I make-- but without my homemade pancake mix I'd be spending a fortune or wasting my time making them "the long way" every day.  They are delicious, easy and the kids love to decorate them!

1. Homemade bread--30 minute rolls. Have unexpected guests for dinner? Forgot to whip up a side? In 30 minutes (well, it takes me closer to 45 min), you can have a yummy dinner roll to go with that soup!  If you've never made bread, it's honestly not that hard especially if you have a bread machine and/or a mixer.

I have done so many dinners, side dishes, and desserts from pinterest that it was very hard to choose my favorite meals! 

Easy Rule #4245-- Dinner's getting boring? Can't find a quick way to do a home improvement project? Need some decorating advice? Hop on pinterest for a minute! (ha ha ha... just kidding... hours, you'll spend hours....)

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