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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

About Daddy and the Littles

Ems here:  

My older three sons are very involved in sports. Almost ridiculously so. They have about 3 billion football trading cards (which I find in the most random places--to be detailed in a later post to be entitled "Why My House Will Never Be Clean Until My Kids Are In College").  They play football in the street. And in the living room. They watch Sports Center and have their own fantasy football teams. They also play travel soccer.

As you may imagine, a big part of their sports obsession centers around their father. He plays ball with them whenever he can. He pulls up random YouTube videos of famous soccer players scoring crazy goals. He even coaches a travel soccer team. 

In all the sports insanity around here, sometimes the little people get a little bored....Josephine has been heard to bemoan loudly at the dinner table, "Why do we ALWAYS have to talk about soccer??"

With that in mind, Daddy decided to take the three little children (not counting baby) on a date to the bowling alley, Sunday after church. The excitement was through the roof! And they were so happy that the big boys were not allowed to come. They realized that this was a special time with Dad.

Needless to say, they had a blast. Tad got his ball stuck ....

Then they discovered those cool ramp things for weak people ....

And then they bowled and had snacks and soda (ahem. Remember I wasn't there).

It was such a good reminder to step back and make sure that ALL ages in the family get some special attention now and again. I also would like to make bowling something we do more frequently as a family. Brian said that they were the only people in the whole place! I love that. I hate crowds (to be discussed further in a later post entitled "How Ems Is Secretly a Lame-o Who Prefers Deserted Locales").

Rule #1923: Make your kids feel special! Doesn't take much....unless you have a fear of bowling shoes.

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