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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Favorites (by Ems Vol. 1)

I wanted an excuse to make a list instead of opining in paragraph form. So here is a list of favorites, and if you would like to add your favorites in the comments section, I would love to read them!

My blog-savvy friend, Angie, informed me that there is a Wednesday Favorites blog link-up that happens weekly. I may have to check it out. But not today. Today is my stream of consciousness favorite list.

Favorite TV show (on currently)
I have two. And too many other shows that I watch to pass the time brainlessly, but I will not list them here so as to maintain a semblance of dignity.

The Blacklist

Favorite Dessert
TV and dessert are a beautiful combination. Mostly because I "do" both after the kids are in bed -- when they won't ask for a bite or comment on my portion size.

Cheesecake Brownies

Favorite Child
Just kidding. The kids are reading this as I type. Currently, baby Simona because she is downstairs with Daddy.


Here are Josephine's (age 6, Class Clown) category suggestions:
Favorite Toilet.   Favorite Hair Do.    Favorite Dentist.

Here are my responses:  Whichever is clean.     Ponytail, duh.     Oxymoron.


Favorite Book Genre

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Yes, I am a fantasy geek. I prefer my heroine to be sword-wielding and unaware of her natural beauty while possessing a newly discovered magical gift that will rival the most-powerful practitioners in the land as she overcomes obstacles to restore order in an unjust society ruled by evil while finding love with a cynical, chisel-jawed, and equally gifted mage.

One of my fave authors below...

Favorite Superhero
Having a few sons, I get asked this question a lot. And the answer is always the same, 


I can remember falling asleep at night imagining Christopher Reeves rescuing me from peril (usually a mean girl on the playground pushing me down a hill. Tame childhood.)

Favorite Season

Not winter.


  1. Fav tv show: Reign
    Fav desert: Chocolate cake glass of milk
    Fav child: whoever's not throwing VHS's at me:/
    Fav books: happy ending romance novels
    Fav super hero: Spider-Man when I was 12 Quail Man

  2. Replies
    1. Didn't Reign end so creepily last week with that weird girl hiding under the bed??? AHHHHH!