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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Museum of Free

Ems here--I will post my Thanksgiving meal soon (although it may look eerily similar to Jules'). I haven't even thought past "turkey"...but I better get on the ball. Especially because we will be celebrating our Thanksgiving a day early since hubby has to work on the actual day. Sometimes it's hard for me to get too fired up when I'm not having any special guests.  It's not like my kids are going to want to try any exotic holiday foods like "salad" or "green bean casserole" or "cranberry sauce."

Anyway, today we took advantage of our homeschooling status and declared an off day. Hubs had to get a quick physical at work, so we all went along for the ride so that we could hit up our favorite museum: CABELA'S !

Seriously, have you ever been?? It's a giant store that sells outdoor hunting and camping equipment--which is of absolutely no interest to our family. My husband is a sports guy, not a sleep with the critters type guy.  But Cabela's offers a lot more than kayaks and tents and moose tableware. 

There is a walk though aquarium with large freshwater fish and turtles.

There are huge dioramas with marvelously stuffed and labeled animals in natural poses and in their environment. 

And upstairs is an old school shooting gallery equipped with a talking moose inviting you to take aim!

A candy shop, a toy section, and even a restaurant, round out the place. 

I'm sure many of you have been to either Cabela's or a store similar, but hearkening back to Jules' post about cheap outings for your kids, this is a perfect example. I was pleasantly reminded that kids don't need a trip to the big city science museum to have an entertaining and educational day. 

Standing face to face with a giant polar bear; following a catfish as he swims around the tank; savoring a sample of cheesecake fudge--these are more than sufficient to bring smiles to the ten and under crowd.

Rule #412: Remember that it doesn't cost much to make kids happy.
Rule #7: A pink camo sleeper may be just the thing for baby Simona this Christmas...hmmm....

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  1. My husband isn't the sleep with critters type either:) Cabela's looks so fun! We've never been.