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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Solar System Unit Song

I finished up a Solar System Unit Study for my first grader, and she was struggling with the concept of the difference between rotation and orbit.  I came up with this song to help her understand and coupled it with a fun, hands-on activity.

I cut out a paper sun and held it above my head as we sang the first verse, and she had to spin around saying "night" when she had her back to me and "day" when she could see me.

Then, for the second verse she had to spin AND orbit around me, and say "Year" when she returned to her original spot. We giggled as she crashed around dizzy, but in the end she completely understood the concept of how seasons and time worked!  Hope you enjoy this fun activity too!

Easy Rule #572- Acting out concepts sometimes helps the more hands-on learners!

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