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Friday, October 4, 2013

Bingo for Different Ages

I am homeschooling my 5 year-old in first grade this year (we did Kindergarten last year), my 3 year-old in preschool (about 40 seconds a day), and simply surviving my almost-2 year-old boy.  So, when I come up with an activity that they all enjoy and *GASP* they learn something-- I am thrilled.  For the last couple of years, I have played Sight Word Bingo with Grace, but my other two cannot read yet.  I came up with an adapted version as seen below:

For Grace, I had her new sight words (as well as sight words she often misses), and for Lissie I just wrote capital letters.  And for James, I haphazardly drew a grid and placed stickers of objects I hoped he would know the name of (I keep a huge folder full of random stickers so I have quite the collection). The "Bingo" sheets I got out of a workbook, but I am sure you could find a blank printable or just draw one free hand (or use a ruler if you care about neatness).   I gave each child a pile of buttons (you can use marshmallows for older kids as markers, but I knew James would just eat them) and I would just name something for each to cover up.  (For example, "Grace, 'every', James 'Cover a Monkey with a button,' and 'Lissie, cover the letter "B"')

My kids don't understand the main purpose of bingo, so we just covered the whole board up and yelled bingo when everyone's squares were covered.   They each got a couple of mini marshmallows after they named every square on their board.

Anyway, we played twice (took about 15 minutes total) and they loved it!  You can use this for big kids (bigger words) or even colored stickers for colors, etc.  Lots of fun!

Easy Rule for today:

#780- If you can find a way to sneak learning into a game--do it.

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