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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Short Poems from Abroad

I came across some short poems I had written during my college study-abroad time in Austria...They were in a journal in my bedside table, so long unread.  Ah, youth :) Here is a sampling. See what you think! 


You seemed so unlike a lie to me
that I stepped in your puddle
and drowned.

Heart Ache

A smile remembered
like a lighter
this loved-rolled
cigarette into 
incendiary ashes.


Of what I thought
I knew of love,
I know I loved
the thought.


If a whisper could resound across the ocean,
And a dream was a thought to be shared,
Would I still hear Silence?


You are waiting in the wide Somewhere
for a small girl woman to recognize
a searching heart and call it her own,
for Part Two of your soul's novel.

Just Grand

Where have all my echoes gone?
You are the sponge at the 
bottom of my canyon.

So Sue Me

Perhaps I don't 
ring your bell
curl your toes
make your day --
Am not your
cup of tea,
chick -- 
I laugh aloud
at the cold night sky
while you sleep.

1 comment:

  1. I really liked them! Especially the first for some reason.... :)