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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Murphy's Law

If you are a mother, you are familiar with this horrible, horrible Law. It is the Law that dictates a baby, who takes a 2 hour nap most days, will awaken the moment you decide to take a little snooze. It is the Law that determines your potty-trained toddler will decide the floor of the public library is a good place to poop.  It is that same Law that allows a quart of lemonade to be spilled on the kitchen floor the same day you mopped it that month.

So, who is this Murphy? And why does he hate mothers? And how can we stop him??

Well, my instincts say that if we don't nap, or clean, or leave the house, we will never be disappointed.  And at the risk of sounding a little insane, I think Murphy is a demon (and perhaps he has a chip on his shoulder because of his wussy name). It just feels like something is trying to get me angry all the time. And succeeding much too frequently for my liking.

Only two things seem to work to combat Murphy: prayer and laughter. Unfortunately, it's hard to think of doing either of those things when faced with disaster.  But I really feel that prayer and laughter are a Mother's Armor against the dark forces at work in our homes and hearts.  Against the voices telling us that we can't do this. It's too hard. There are too many children. And they are driving us insane. And the house will never ever ever ever be clean (ok, that voice may have a point...).

So, mothers, unite! Don your armor! And maybe if we all shoot up a prayer for each other, we can beat Murphy at his own game. Some days a prayer may be more a desperate plea. And laughter might be more of a weak smile. But hopefully we will get better at recognizing the warning signs....basically, when everything is going a little too well, brace for impact.

Rule #5: Remember Proverbs:31 -- She is clothed with strength and dignity*; she can laugh at the days to come.

*  "strength and dignity" is Biblical code for "sweatpants"


  1. Amen! Murphy likes to have my kids apply some kind of bodily fluid to the sheets the night after I just washed them

    BTW, I think the Latin roots of "strength and dignity" translate to "sweatpants."

    1. I actually am scared to change the sheets at my house... because it NEVER fails. Sometimes, I am afraid to even think about how long it's been since an accident at night.....