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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lessons this Week

Jules here-

As usual, I am constantly evolving as a person and I am not ashamed to admit that I learn something (the hard way usually) every day.   Here's a sum up of what I have learned this week:

Grace Face Paint- obviously professional, not my work.
I'm Not Regretful of Lack of Effort
As James's birthday neared, I kept asking him what kind of cake he wanted- he said a golf cake then a football cake, then a hockey cake, etc. So, I planned nothing. I wasn't really doing a party for him- so I wasn't stressed out.  A couple of hours before cake time- I whipped up a 30 minute "hockey" cake for him with using Halloween candy and melted white chocolate. It looked really, really homemade, and I even bought (*gasp*) icing.  James LOVED the Hockey Theme and constantly said, "This is a perfect cake. This is exactly the hockey cake I wanted" etc. It was really sweet.  But then, he took two bites and looked at me and said, "Mommy, I hate the cake, o.k.?"  I DIED laughing. He really doesn't like store bought icing I guess, plus he likes Halloween candy more than cake.  So he ate a Kit Kat instead. No harm done :)
Sometimes Advocating isn't Being a "Helicopter" Mom

Since both of my parents are teachers, I have the tendency to have the mentality that the teacher is always right. Compared to the mindset of most "helicopter" parents, this is a novel concept.  I have made a conscious effort to respect the teacher's decisions, support the assignments, and not question curriculum. BUT, I have a highly-anxious 2nd grader who is not exactly sports-inclined (James must have gotten all of those genes).  Gym class was becoming a weekly panic attack for her- I needed to do something.  I sheepishly approached the gym teacher with my concerns.  I did NOT question her teaching, methods, or style; instead, I spoke of Grace's needs: reassurance, specific instructions, a chance to ask questions, and assistance with challenging gross motor demands.  The teacher was surprised that Grace was so nervous, but she agreed to reassure her more.  Grace was NOT crying this week after gym class just because the teacher simply asked her if she needed help or more time, that was fine!  Quick fix that I hope keeps working.

This is so true.

My Idea of an Emergency Pales Compared to REAL Emergencies

I have made it 7.5 years before I have had to take a child to the ER-- woo hoo! But, my streak is over.  James, while rough housing, hit the hard wood floor ledge with his chin last week.  After surveying the wound and gushing blood, I decided a few stitches were in order.  Luckily I grabbed a handful of Halloween candy before heading out the door, as I knew ERs have notoriously long waits-- but I did NOT expect a 4 1/2 hour visit.  Four ambulances and a helicopter arrived while we waited anxiously dripping blood into gauze pads-- some lobby-mates were getting irritated and upset at the tedious wait.  I, however, was surveying the gurneys with heart attack, stroke, and respiratory distress patients and I was grateful for my dripping chin little boy.  4 stitches for his 4th birthday!!

Always Prep Your Kids- No Matter The Age.
We volunteered at our church's Christmas craft fair last weekend- yes, Christmas.  I think the church does it early so that we can get the first crazy Christmas consumers of the year.  We helped with the kids room: cookie decorating, Santa visits, face painting, etc.  Before James & Felicity sat on Santa's lap, I reminded them to think of a toy that they wanted him to bring. James chose a toy car (as if we don't have 3,000 at home) and Lissie asked for a tiara.  Grace meanwhile was busy getting face painted. When it was Grace's turn, I didn't think to even prep her before sticking her on Santa's lap.  When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Grace answered, "I really want new toothpaste."  Seriously. Santa and the other church lady looked at me as if I was an abusive mother who does not provide basic toiletries for my child.  In reality, Grace usually gets stocking stuffer toiletries that she looks forward to- but still, I really blushed. 
See the blank expression.

All the kids!
Nature Can Best Even the Biggest Tightwad

I mow my lawn, garden, take out my garbage, paint my rooms, etc.  I do not budget for a handyman- though I do sucker my dad into helping me with dead mouse removal and hanging pictures from time to time.  This fall, I decided to rake my own leaves and bag them.  After 4 hours of raking, I didn't even DENT my yard. I was overwhelmed- so my mom said, "I'll help rake!" She came down while I was working and said, "You are going to need to hire someone, this is impossible!"  I filled ten black leaf bags with only 3 of the 15 piles I have in my backyard (not my side or front yards...).... so I gave up. I have a landscaper coming to help next week- and to cut down on the price- I am babysitting their two boys (I know the landscaper at least!). 
Ah, my home with the pretties trees on the block.

View from behind.... leaves are about 4" thick throughout.

Once again. lovely trees.

And... my driveway is there somewhere.

Easy Rule #343234- Know when to throw in the rake, er, towel, when needed.

Easy Rule #4324- Next year, I am just making "candy" for James's birthday cake. Not worth the effort at all :)

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