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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Little Habits

Jules here-

I've posted in the past about fitness, nutrition, and staying motivated. I try to stay on top of the most recommended medical advice for my patients as well as for myself- and here's a few daily habits that have really improved my quality of life!

Water, water, water-
I became very dehydrated when I was nursing James- I often had problems with low blood pressure, dizziness, and even increased heartburn from the struggle to keep enough water in my system.  I started the habit of drinking 8-16oz of water AS SOON AS I AWAKE every morning.  Before I eat breakfast, get dressed, or even get out of bed, I down the glass of water on my nightstand.  By the time I eat lunch, I am usually well on my way to the 6-8 glasses of water recommended for the day. And since I front-load my water intake, I have less frequent middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks.

Don't believe me? Here's some evidence: 
I buy those cheap dollar store ones- fresh blade every day, $3 a month
Shaving Every Shower-
Many women joke about letting their leg hair grow all winter and only shave sporadically in the summer.  As an Irish lass- I am quite prone to razor burn.  Then I started shaving EVERY time I shower rather than a few times a week.  My legs no longer need to be lathered in shaving cream- I can simply use regular soap without any ill-side effects.  Then I spoke with a dermatologist who simply said, "Either shave daily, or never at all." Hmm... my experiment is legit.  Making sure you moisturize and exfoliate is key too.

More shaving tips here:

 Sunscreen in Lotion-
Once again, my Irish skin can NOT handle the sun.  I went into a Coppertone "see your skin damage" booth and it was an enlightening (well, horrifying) experience. Every freckle I have ever had was visible; every wrinkle that I will have popped up, and every area that "could" turn into skin cancer became glaringly obvious.  After crying, I decided to lather on sunscreen every day- and the easiest solution was to add it to my morning lotion. I prefer Oil of Olay as it's reputable and affordable, but there are dozens of choices.

Here's a video on why sunscreen is important every day:  

Being a Bit Unwashed-
Hairdressers have been saying it for years, but in our ultra-clean, overly-hygienic society, the idea of NOT washing our hair sounds gross.  BUT, we have a tendency to dry out our hair with over-doing shampoo. If you can hold off on scrubbing your locks every day, you'll find your styles will last longer and it will maintain its natural sheen.  If you work out, you can always you dry-shampoo to alleviate any sweat!

More on your beauty regime:

Or, just eat cereal.
Personally, I can't imagine NOT eating breakfast. I am starving in the morning.  BUT, so many Americans skip the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories and feel more energized.  Add some protein, dietary fiber, and you are good to go!

Tons of research has gone into the breakfast benefits: 

From Yoga to Jumping Jacks- find what you like!

Just a Bitty Bit of Exercise-
20 minutes- that's all you need to reap the benefits of cardiovascular health, mental well-being, and the ability to fit in your pants.  Seriously, online there are thousands of free work outs ranging from walking to high intensity interval training. As long as your heart gets pumping, your energy level will keep you upbeat all day. Well, maybe not if you have kids...

Just a bit of exercise goes a long way:

Making a Choice-
This isn't really a "healthy body" habit- but it is a healthy-mind choice.  Take a moment to remind yourself that YOU choose your mood, attitude, and perspective.  Instead of blaming misfortune or other people's decisions for your own grumpiness- choose NOT to be grumpy.  Choose to be loving, kind, and happy- it's as simple as making that decision.  Putting others' needs before your own is a good start in finding an inner peace and satisfaction with daily life.

A little reading on how to be happy: 

Easy Rule #1190938- Start with the little steps for a healthier life.

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