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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween on a Dime

Jules here-

Happy Halloween!! I'm awaiting Trick or Treaters as I sit and type this- though we have had a few, it has not been the onslaught I predicted.  So, as I am typing, I am taxing my over-full candy dish... mmmm... 

My children did not want to go with our normal "theme" Halloween and my budget was less than $15 for ALL of the costumes.... How did I manage? Beg, borrow, and steal (well, look for steals at thrift shops...)

First, Grace. She wanted to be a cowgirl.  Luckily, she was brave enough to ask a couple of classmates to borrow cowgirl boots AND a hat. Two items down, check! She already had jeans, but she needed a few additional accessories.
Costume cost:
$0- Borrowed hat
$0- Borrowed boots
$0- Previously owned jeans
$1.50- Flannel Shirt
$0.25- Bandanna

Total costume cost: $1.75
Second, Felicity wanted to be a chicken. Yes, a chicken- I don't know why.  I looked everywhere for a chicken costume to no avail.  So I had to be creative, and spend more money than I intended.  I bought a chicken hat on Amazon.  Turned out to be AWESOME.   We had white pants, an old white sweater of  mine, and a white long-sleeved undershirt.  I did have to buy a fluffy scarf for the wings/tail and some hospital sock chicken feet.

She could put hat up for visibility too.

$5.95- Chicken hat
$0- White accent clothing, previously owned.
$2.00- White scarf from thrift shop
$0.25- Yellow chicken feet hospital socks

Total cost of costume: $8.20

Lastly, James- who KEPT changing his costume idea. So, instead of asking him anymore, I borrowed a Spiderman costume from my awesome-former-neighbors!! So a FREE costume!! He loved being a superhero too!
$0- Spiderman costume

Total Cost of Halloween Costumes: $9.95--- Woo Hoo!!!
So, I bought an 8 pack of glow sticks for safety on their costumes AND 3 pairs of gloves to keep their hands warm tonight!

Halloween total: $14.95 (not including the ridiculously expensive candy that we have to hand out...)

Oh and my last minute Halloween costume? Clark Kent. 

$0- Old sunglasses with lenses pushed out.
$0- Superman pajama shirt- previously owned

Total cost of awesomeness- Free.
The group shot!


Easy Rule #1031002- You don't always have to make things from scratch for them to be cheap!! I spent less this year than last year's homemade debacle.

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