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Monday, October 26, 2015

Picture it

Ems here:

Here are a few of the happenings around our home as symbolized through pictures .

1. My oldest two boys are now in "regular" school in 7th grade. We have mixed reviews :

Although academically and socially both boys are doing great, Theo resents the early wake up and the lack of free time.

2. In an effort to sneak in a healthy vegetable to my children this week, I put spinach in the dinner smoothie. 

My kids were horrified, and I heard the question "why are you making us eat grass and parsley?!"

3. I've recently been inundated by a flood of questions while about town with the kiddies, trying to ascertain if the children are actually mine. Someone asked if they came from my body. Others ask if I am fostering or if I have adopted all these children. One man asked if I run a home daycare! To all these folks, I present this handy cheat sheet:

4. Baby Gemma is starting to be trouble! She is crawling now and pulling up to stand using everything imaginable--tables, chairs, laundry baskets, siblings, etc.  Here she is eating illegally obtained cookies: 

5. I've rediscovered an addiction to Swiss Cake Rolls. Please pray for me.

6. The fall sports' seasons are wrapping up! Lacrosse mini-season is over, and the whole family came out to support my team for their scrimmage. Thanks, Hubby!

I'm holding Gemma while taking the picture, of course.

My soccer dudes:) Jojo and Tad have also joined the ranks of soccer kiddos this season, so we've been busy game-watching and cheering!

I think that pretty well summarizes life these past couple months (outside of this pesky cold that's been haunting us!). Hope all is well with you, Dear Reader(s).

Easy Rule #4552: Spinach is too visible to hide in smoothies. (Note to self:  Maybe try Swiss Cake Rolls?)

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  1. Theo's face tells the entire story... 'Nuff said.