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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I'm Getting Old....

Jules here-

Yesterday was my birthday-- Homemade presents, time with the kiddos, and James getting into a can of "real" paint and re-decorating my bedroom, pants, and carpet.... fun times.....

One of my patients once said to me, "Having children means the days are long, but the years are short."  It's true-- every day I cheer when bath time arrives, but I am so shocked that my eldest is already 6 years old!  Age has a way of creeping up on you; some days I wake up and think:

So I present, the Top Ten Ways I know I am getting older:

10. Staying up too late debilitates me the next day. I attended a fantastically fun "Mom's Night Out" that my friend hosted with wine & appetizers on a Friday night.  We were cackling over kid's stories, enjoying fattening food, and forgetting all about the time.... I glanced up it was 11:30 PM.... AHHHH!! I quickly said my good-byes and tried to fall asleep before midnight.  But alas, my 5:30 AM 2-year-old-wake-up call still sounded, and I could barely function all day....

9. The days I don't wear make-up-- people say, "Do you feel o.k.?"  I'm naturally pale. Alabaster, really.  And the tolls of motherhood sometimes aren't too kind on my fair countenance.  I usually use a combination of light make-up and awesome dangling earrings to hypnotize onlookers away from the dark circles.... however, if I fail to shower (which sometimes happens with children) I often get people mistaking me for an invalid.
At least celebs struggle too. And I know I look as amazing as they do in the "after" pics :)

8. My music taste has gotten "stuck" My dad raised me on 1950s du-op music; my mom loved Perry Como--and of course ABBA.  I never thought that I would get "stuck" in a decade. Through the 1990s, I appreciated most of the radio choices; however, in the past 10 years I have slowly become more and more out of touch with today's music.  Once in awhile I'll be familiar with a super-popular song, but for the most part I am stuck in the 1970s classic rock era....

7. I have uttered the phrase, "These darn kids today." My neighborhood has lots of teenagers--a couple of them are the classic "annoying and destructive" teens who like to egg houses, set off late-night fireworks, and ring doorbells late at night.  I fantasize about hiding in my shrubs with a hose or running after them with a garden rake.  These darn kids today, what are they thinking being so irresponsible?

Excuse the language...

6. I find the LL Bean guys more appealing than the Abercrombie and Fitch guys. I look at the scantily clad, Euro-techno music-laden models in the window of A & F and I cringe.  They look so tediously arrogant, ignorant, and young.  Yes, I am judging them solely based on looks.  The LL Bean guys, conversely, look so sophisticated, responsible, and genuine.  I know, I'm getting old.

I found this pic at "Your LL Bean Boyfriend" website- I'm not the only one.
5. I don't care about what other people think-- even more than before.  I've never truly cared about embarrassing myself (anyone who's gone dancing with me can attest to that), but I've hit the, "Hmm.... should I worry about offending someone stage? Ah, who cares."  I used to be quite tactful and concerned, but now I appreciate honesty and I like to practice what I preach.

4. I cry more. I've never been a romantic comedy, crying-my-eyes-out person. Until I had kids. Now, I get teary-eyed with hallmark commercials, children's books, and even some songs.  I thought I was going to die crying while I was reading, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul yesterday. 

I got this book out of the library and it was so touching.... the girls thought I was nuts.

3. The energy level of my children amazes me.  I watch my kids run from activity to activity outside; they run everywhere.  I join them in a game of tag, after two rounds I try to think of a more stationary game-- I'm exhausted! I truly thought I was going to pass out attempting to get a kite in the air.  I keep saying things like, "Why don't we sit and do sidewalk chalk or read for awhile?" Nope. They keep on going....

2.I'm shocked by most of popular culture. Have you seen some of the stuff promoted for teenagers on ABC Family or MTV? I'm truly shocked that kids are allowed to watch some of these immoral, inappropriate shows. I know I sound like an angry old person, but honestly, (see #5 I don't care). My children will not watch this stuff. We wonder what's happening with the shootings, the teenage pregnancies, and lack of respect for humanity- turn on the TV, that's the reason. 

1. Sleep trumps all. As someone who works with the elderly, many of them cherish their naps. As a mother of young children, I now savor sleep. Would I rather hang out with friends, go out to dinner, or go on an adventure? None of the above! I want sleep!

"mother's day" can be substituted for almost any holiday, and my b-day!

Easy Rule #61779- Take time to reflect on how much you've grown-- getting older isn't all bad!

Easy Rule #45452- Don't waste your youth--- you're only getting older every moment....

Birthday girl with the best present!

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