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Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Ems here:

Lots of stuff going on, so I thought I would do a little Quick Take action to summarize!

1. Okay, I may be a genius. Don't feel threatened, I just think my brain functions at a higher level than most people. Or, maaaaybe this new addictive game I discovered is not that hard. It's called Buttons and Scissors and it is SO FUN! It's a puzzle game in which you have to match pairs of colored buttons and the scissors snip them off till the board is cleared. I have done (literally) hundreds of screens in three days and I'm like a speed-demon.  By all means, try this game (free on both Android and Apple, I believe) and see if it makes you feel smart too! But probably I'm really, really, super special.

2. Despite the many grueling hours spent inside matching buttons, we actually have been hanging outside a fair bit in this warm and humid spring. Between the local park, friends' homes for cookouts, and the soccer fields, the kids have been running around like wild heathens...and some have the battle scars to prove it. So you won't vomit all over your computer screen, I will not be posting a picture of Tad's legs. Poor Tad. We're not sure what really happened and what creature bit him multiple times on his small limbs, but we do know that the wounds turned into blisters leaking clear fluid and his legs became swollen and red and infected. After a couple days of steroids, antibiotics, Claritin, Benedryl, and topical ointments, he's fine. Whew. I'm so glad we live in these modern medical times!

3.  The kids made a sad discovery while playing soccer in the cul-de-sac after dinner: two baby birds, one on the driveway of a neighbor's home and one on the grass beneath a tree in their yard. They were nestlings, so tiny and sweet, eyes still closed, obviously newly hatched. No mama bird in sight, no nest to be found. Without personally doing any research on the subject of baby birds, I allowed the kids to bring them home and nurture them till bedtime. Christened Phoenix and Leaf, the little creatures would open their beaks wide demanding food and the boys would feed them whatever buggies that could be found on short notice.

Nesting in a tissue box, the birds were tucked in for the night and the kids went to sleep.  At that point, I finally cracked open the computer and read up on the proper "etiquette" upon finding baby birds.....and realized we did all the wrong things. We were supposed to put them in a basket and hang it in the tree so the mommy bird could find them.  Also, baby birds require feeding 3-4 times every HOUR, round the clock. Basically, they would die on the dining room table overnight. So at 11 pm, Bri and I carried two baby birds in a basket down the dark and empty street and surreptitiously hung it in the neighbor's tree....half expecting a spotlight and a rifle to appear for our trouble. I figured that the birds would not survive (and sorry to say, I was correct), but at least they didn't die in my house.

Baby Leaf.    R.I.P.

4. I'm organizing the end of year soccer picnic for all three travel teams. Ack. Please pray that I've remembered everything and that I won't collapse after tying 400 water balloons.

5. Bri took the boys and a couple of their friends to a semi-pro soccer game in Pittsburgh. Go Riverhounds! They had an absolute blast, the highlight being the autographs they were able to finagle at the end. We will all go as a family sometime in the near future; tickets are a steal and it was a really fun time.

6. If I were made of money and had a chauffeur, I would be all over the summer camp thing. Any subject, any sport, any interest--there is a CAMP for that! Instead we have to be selective and really research the best plus most convenient options for the summer because I'm not driving 45 minutes each way, twice a day, for weeks. Through the local university, we signed the kids up for lacrosse camp as the first of the summer activities. They are having a great time, and I get to relive my high school lacrosse glory days! Although boys' lacrosse is cool and all, the girls' version is on a whole other level.

7. Most days, busy is good. The weeks go faster, kids have structure and activity...sometimes, however, stuff really gets in the way.  Our good friends recently had a baby and blessed us with the opportunity to be godparents.  Due to illness and work schedules and obligations on both our families' parts, we were not able to get together (they live around 4 hours away). They are moving to far, far away parts in a week and we are not able to see our god-baby or attend the baptism.  I am grateful for technology that allows us to remain in contact despite our distance, but it is still so sad. So friends and Baby Luke, we love you and will miss you! And I pray that someday we will visit you in Tornado Land. I mean, Pioneer Woman Land. Ok, Oklahoma.

Easy Rule #44225: Buttons, lacrosse, and soccer games rock. Bug bites and dead birds and moving? Eh, not so much.

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