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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Spoonful of Sugar

Jules here-

I am busy making my house ready to sell for a variety of reasons-- one including we need a carpet-free house for my dust-mite allergic son.  Have you watched those HGTV shows about making your house "staged" to sell? Do you ever see any children in those scenarios? No, no you don't. For good reason. Trying to pack up extra crap stuff in your house is an endless job and those cleaning tasks that I am not so good at-- all have to be done....

To transfer this:

This is seriously how my living room looked before....
Into this:

Wouldn't you want to live here?
Anyway, as I am a bit overwhelmed with boxes, cleaning, packing, and living my normal life... I thought I would remind myself of a few of my favorite things... (thanks, Julie Andrews!) 

  • My Kindle-- Last time, my kindle made my happy list too... but for a different reason. I am loving the portability of watching streaming TV series throughout my home while I'm packing.  I can set it up on a stack of packed boxes and enjoy some classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer while I slave over each room. I forgot how hilariously entertaining these episodes are, a throw-back to high school!

  • My family, friends & neighbors.  My mom came down on Thursday to Friday and helped me scour the house (well, the parts I had ready to scour) and she ordered us a well-needed pizza!  My neighbors took my girls from over an hour on Sunday so I could focus on a room, while John took James to the grocery store. Over an hour of uninterrupted cleaning was such a blessing.  Plus my friend Tanya swung by last night to help take photos of my house and she brought the fixings for dinner. Her two boys entertained my children (who have been sadly ignored this week...) and we had a great time shoving last minute items into closets:
Now don't you really want this house?
  •  Procrastination. Homeschooling? Nah. Potty-training? Nope. Putting my son dairy-free for 8 weeks per doctor suggestion? Heck, no.  During this 2-week crazy time, I am enjoying the benefits of putting stuff off. I am normally not  a procrastinator but I think my head might explode if I have to juggle anything else... so my 2 1/2 year old is using diapers and drinking the possible-diarrhea-inducing milk and my 6 year old is finishing out first grade not-so-smart...ah well!!
  • Books on CD. Have you tried listening to one? I know some people can't focus, but I love listening to books as I drive to my home care patients. It makes me feel somewhat productive even while I'm driving. Plus, because I borrow the books from the library, I often try new authors and find some interesting, new stories.  If you're new to the genre, you should try the Harry Potter series on CD, the actor who performs the books is fantastic:
Books on CD are a bit pricy... you may want to try borrowing....
  •  The Weather. We have had some wonderful weather in New Hampshire with sunshine, cloud-free days, and even some time to swing by our town beach.  The kids are staying outside with their bikes, gardening tools, and balls -- thank the Lord!  Fewer toys out inside helps my never ending cleaning efforts.
Fun in the sun and the whole beach to ourselves!

So I am going to keep focusing on happy thoughts to get through the torture of a major life change.  Keep me in your prayers as we attempt all this!! 

Easy Rules #87970-  Packing and moving really makes you examine if you need all this stuff.  Try to purge some extraneous stuff before you move....

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