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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Agony and Joy of Technology-Free

Jules here-

As the first Friday in Lent has passed, I want to reflect on how I survived the first "Phone-Free Friday".  First impression: It was AWFUL!!  I had not realized how much I relied on the escapism of technology to manage my days.  Admitting one's dependence on something is the first step, right? Well, I am dependent.
Kindle Time...

Upon awakening at 5:30 AM without news or a DVR'd show.... I stared at the clock, minutes passing... slowly.  My girls don't usually wake up until 7 AM; James and I have an early morning of breakfast, news, and cuddling.  Instead, I had to actually engage my brain in meaningful "play" activities before seven....ugh. I'm not a parent who loves playing (is that terrible to admit? I would much rather set up my kids with an activity rather than pretend to be a My Little Pony Princess), so having to play race cars for 45 minutes was a bit much.  But, I must admit-- James loved it. He engaged me in constant conversation and beamed with pride when his cars slid down the little ramp I made.

In all honestly, the kids survived the technology-free day much better than I! After they were told that there was no TV, computer, or Kindle games- they simply went off and found other things to do.  I was amazed at their nonchalant attitude as they typically pester me for a "quick 10 minute show" or "Kindle-time."  We also took them to the SEE Science Center to pass the morning time and we were blessed with some sunshine to go for a walk as well. 
Play kitchen at SEE Science Center
 As a stay-at-home-mom, most of my social interaction occurs with my children; when I do finally get to speak with an adult, sometimes I feel as if I prattle incessantly to random strangers.  My phone calls to Ems and my mom often are my "sanity-moments" of the day: time to share kid-stories, reflect on favorite books/TV, and simply talk about daily activities. Not being able to pick up the phone and call my sisters or mom truly was a sacrifice and I suffered all day.
SEE Science Lego Display (that's all Legos in the back)

Of course, our mom suffered too-- the first thing she said to me on Saturday morning was, "Well that was the worst day ever!"

My children did learn to say a decade of the Rosary, and we were able to have some meaningful family time as well!  I don't like the feeling that I am "addicted" to something- so this once a week "purge" of technology should help strengthen my resolve to be more attentive to my family's needs.

And-- I fell asleep at 8:30 PM... probably from boredom.  Actually, I was reading in bed and without the TV or Kindle to stimulate my neurons, I could NOT stay awake....

Hoping all of you are trying to recognize your own "technology-infused" lifestyle and realizing that you could change it a bit-- hanging out with your family can be fun :)

Easy Rule #45901- Sometimes it takes giving something up to realize how often you use it- try and be aware of how you spend your time!

This picture has nothing to do with this post... I just wanted to brag about my ADORABLE newest nephew Charlie-- Gabe has some competition for cutest nephew now.... And I might steal him too :) Note: Pirate Pug  James very jealous...


  1. I hated your phone free Friday as well!!!!

    1. LOL! I know-- but you did violate it in the first couple of hours anyway.... :)