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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Surviving winter's last laugh

Jules here-

Seven. Seven degrees is how I started my day-- it's frigid here!  The expression "In like a lion out like a lamb" doesn't quite do this cold snap justice....  Two years ago exactly, my children looked like this outside:

Note no jackets and no snow....
And now this March:

Note: Snowbank taller than children.

We are getting a bit stir crazy in the house, and if the weather ever climbs above freezing (I'll take even 33 degrees) I pack the kids up for a forced walk.  How can I survive another few weeks of winter?  Here is my mini-list of things I plan to do while the weather traps us:

1. Museum trips- I know I have spoken of them before, but winter months are the perfect time to see a museum for a few hours. Many children's museums have ample space for them to stretch their legs (aka: run around), and of course they secretly learn stuff too.

2. Indoor picnics- My kids love picnicking outside and anything "different" is always exciting.  I spread out a blanket and let them have a tea party by the fire.

3. Play-doh-  Ems loves setting up play-doh, and personally I abhor it.  I hate how it gets everywhere, but it does occupy them for a long time.  I move my mini-play kitchen near them so they can "bake" their treats.  I plan on doing more play-doh until Spring, because then it shall be packed up until a rainy day...

4. Baths- during the day.  What a fun surprise to give me a mid-day bath with bath tub paint or colored ice cubes! The kids love the "crazy" schedule-change and they can play for as long as the water doesn't become frigid.
Glow stick bath!

5. Party-planning- As we have many March birthdays in our family, my girls love to plan the parties! Scouring pinterest for ideas and getting cake-decorating books from the library occupies my eldest for hours... 

So get your end-of-winter bucket list ready and prepare for the rest of this cold weather-- don't give up spring will come soon!

Easy Rule #4222- Change your perspective and try to appreciate each season for what it is-- at least you don't have put sunscreen on the kids!

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