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Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Fun

Jules here-

Hope you all had a fun and family-friendly St. Patrick's Day!  With a family of red-heads, this is the one holiday to embrace our pasty complexions and freckled noses!  As our avid readers know, we do tend to "do-it-up" at the holidays--though we try not to go crazy...  Simple things like shaped-pancakes and cutesy crafts can keep my kiddos happy!

We started our day with some green M&M pancakes (remember my after-Christmas shopping candy-hoarding? It pays off...) and of course we donned our green apparel:

Shamrocks are even easier to shape than hearts! After breakfast, I read the true story of St. Patrick to add to our normal school lessons, and they enjoyed hearing about some Irish Leprechaun lore as well.  Of course, I face-painted them shamrocks (which they loved!) But, most of the day was spent during our normal activities: school, library, cleaning...

All face-painted for the library!
 For meals, however, I wanted something Irish-esque for dinner-- yet I honestly dislike corned beef and cabbage.  I can eat one serving and then the crock-pot full of meat ferments in my fridge for a few days until I gain the courage to open the tupperware...

So, instead I made my favorite "leftover potato soup", crumbled with lots of bacon on top. It was delicious, warm, and most of my children liked it.  I decided to get creative with dessert, and I bought a pint of vanilla ice cream and sliced it into circles, then half-circle arches. Decorating the ice cream arch, I used sixlets candy(I like chocolate on ice cream, but skittles were my back up).   One pack of gold coins made this dessert complete!

The kids loved all the junk food, of course, and Grace instantly said, "You must put this on pinterest!"   So I shall.

Finally, we listened to Irish drinking songs throughout the day, inspiring this quick video:

Easy Rule #317 Learning the traditions of different countries and the history of your faith can be fun!

Easy Rule #4891 Two year olds never nap on holidays-- could be the sugar-intake....

My troublesome Leprechaun!

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