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Friday, January 10, 2014

Swallowing my pride

When I look back at all the posts I've written, I think, "Wow! I'm pretty amazing." I do rock the baking, boredom busters, and behavior (and obviously I am awesome with alliterations too...)  BUT, there is SOOO much that I don't do well.  As I posted before, I would like to embrace my less-than-proud moments in life this year (stay tuned for the official "Bad-Mom-Moment-Posts" in progress).

  • I have no fashion sense. I have mentioned that I would really benefit from a stylist with me for shopping (or just my stylish sister, Betsy), but I honestly cannot tell the difference between high- and low-end merchandise.  If my life depended on it, I would not be able to tell the difference between a $29,000 purse or a $20 payless one. They look the same to me:

  • I came to the realization in Ohio (during a marathon of Karaoke) that I cannot sing.  I always knew I didn't have a good voice, but I never realized that I actually had a bad voice.  Seriously, I was singing in front of 5 year olds, and I actually was blushing. However, I am a fantastic back up dancer. 
  •  Similar to that, I am a horrible lyricist. I can incorrectly sing the lyrics of every song.  And songs that I thought were child appropriate, were not.  I think I have an automatic "filter-for-radio" system in my head and I never realize horrible lyrics.  Check out what Ode to my Family by The Cranberries. Um... I had NO IDEA what that song was really about until I attempted to sing it (badly).  I just wanted to sing the Doo Doo part.
  • Next, I am terrible at cutting up certain fruit. For example, when I cut a mango, I end up gnawing on the rind like a wild dog to get all the extra fruit I left on.  And here is an example of what it looks like when my mom cuts a cantaloupe (on the left) and on the right is my job:  
      Seriously, that's mine on the right. I have no knife skills.

    I am also not good at ending posts.... :)  

    Easy Rule #413- Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, no one is perfect. Except Mary Poppins, and even she is only practically perfect. 

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