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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baptism Cake-Anyone can do

Jules Here-

Just attended a beautiful baptism for my newest handsome nephew Charlie, and I am honored to be his Godmother.  In such a role, I took it upon myself to make him quite the holy cake for today's festivities:

Luckily, anyone could make this cake! Honestly, very easy without any special pan to purchase. I used mini-loaf pans to bake the cake (took about 28 minutes to bake). I used 5 loaves to make the cross.  The hardest part is finding a lovely display platter---instead, I used a cookie sheet with foil. Crafty people might be able to come up with something more elegant.... but this worked for a family party! 

As for the decorations--- I used a star tip to border the entire cake (to cover up my un-smooth white-base), and a single point tip for the writing and rosary.  The rosary is surprisingly simple with a quick dabbling at the end for the cross.

I made my own icing with powdered sugar, vanilla, milk, butter and a little crisco. No, I didn't measure.... but my ROUGH estimates would be:

1 bag powdered sugar
3/4 STICK of butter
2 tsp vanilla
5 TBSP milk (I'm really guessing on this one, I kept splashing it in until it formed nice, stiff peaks)
1/4 Cup crisco
Food dye as needed

 Homemade (even Duncan Hines homemade) tastes way better than store-bought.  Give it a try.

Easy Rule #3437  Even if the cake doesn't look good, it'll most likely taste good. And if you really screw it up, throw it in a glass bowl  with some instant pudding and call it a trifle. 

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