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Thursday, May 8, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Ems here:

This is a cool blogger thing in which I have yet to participate.  For those not familiar, it's essentially a compilation of 7 various items of note during the week that the blogger wants to share with her readers. Hopefully, the readers don't find the items completely frivolous...hint, hint....

I am in the DARK AGES!! Ok, I was in the dark ages. For like, a minute. And it was HORRIBLE! I had to watch actual commercials and make sure my tush was in front of the TV to catch my shows LIVE. In case you can't guess what happened, I will spell it out:  my DVR broke yesterday morning.  I'm not sure how to put a sad face insert here, but it's implied. I lost 9 unwatched episodes of Supernatural, 2 Pioneer Woman's, the most recent episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and countless other recorded items.

Apparently, I am not the only one who finds a situation like this completely sooner did I dive into homeschooling this morning when a FedEx truck pulled up and brought me two new DVRs! It took less than 24 hours to rectify the situation. Hubby is installing as we speak, and I should be back in (show) business before you can say, "Ems is way too addicted to technology!"

I bought a new cookbook! I got it from one of my favorite stores, Ollie's, which sells books (among countless other random items) at amazingly cheap prices. For $4.99:

Inside are all sorts of delicious homemade-style recipes, along with special projects to do with your kids like (1) sourdough starter for bread;  (2) curing your own bacon; (3) making ricotta cheese; and (4) homemade marshmallows! I can't wait to try my hand at these, along with the more simple desserts and dinner recipes. The author is a big proponent of cooking with children in the kitchen, and there are many darling pictures of her two young daughters helping her with the process. I doubt my pictures and experiences will be quite as peaceful, but that's life!

Ice cream for 7 kids at most parlors: $20.00, at least
Ice cream for 7 kids at McDonald's yesterday: $3.43
Happy baby with dripping cone: Priceless

Just a quick shout-out to McDonald's / Burger King for the whole .49 cent cone dealie...large families have never been happier!
Here's another one about food: we got a new grill! Bri has been saving for a stainless steel grill in hopes that it wouldn't rust out and fall apart like our other two grills have.  Bri makes some awesome meals on the grill, and he deserves a good one. I look forward to many an evening of not cooking--sitting on the deck with a Fuzzy Navel wine cooler (shaddup, I hate real wine and beer...nasty, bitter stuff), watching the hubs do his grilling thing. I love summer!

Of course that's not my patio, silly!

Matthias made his First Holy Communion this weekend! It was so beautiful, and he was so excited to receive Our Lord. He now wants to go to Confession EVERY Saturday to prepare for receiving the Eucharist on Sunday. He shames me. I will have to post pics later, because the day was literally so insanely busy that I didn't take one photo, and left that task to Tito (Bri's dad) and the professional at the church. We had a wonderful visit with both sets of grandparents and are so grateful that they could share in Matt's special day!

It feels like summer today! The kids were able to pad outside at 8 in the morning to eat breakfast on the deck in their pajamas. There is something so awesome about not needing a sweatshirt early in the morning. Did I mention I love summer?

Here's the real "patio"...and the grill.

Here's a book recommendation about a book that I haven't read yet, but really want to: Something Other Than God, by Jennifer Fulwiler. She is the brilliant Catholic convert (from atheism) who is behind the Conversion Diary blog that Jules and I link to occasionally. So smart, so funny, such a good writer. This book has gotten rave reviews, and I hope to be one of them sooner rather than later. So, if you are looking for an inspiring and very humorous read, check it out! We can have a book club together! 

Easy Rule #28445: Remember that it's not really summer till June. The fickle season that is spring 
may still give us frostbite at the least provocation (probably because I declared my love of summer too gleefully). 

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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