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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ode To Sisters

Jules here-

When I first delivered my second child, the gender had been a surprise.  After I saw she was a beautiful (well, kind of funny-looking), healthy little girl- I was thrilled. Most people (rudely) asked, "Oh, did you want a boy?"  And in reality- I didn't!! I was so happy that Grace would have a SISTER!!! Brothers are great (so no offense Greg) but sisters are amazing.
My lovely ladies
Here's the Top Ten Things that I love about having sisters:

10. They are truly honest with you. Does this make me look fat? Yes. Am I overreacting? No. Etc. Etc. They will always be honest (sometimes brutally so) but you know that you can trust their advice. I also know I can be honest with them- it's refreshing to be able to speak without guise or tact.

9. They get you the best presents. Since we talk all the time- sisters know what we need, want, or secretly desire- and our presents are usually right on target. From tiny kitchen gadgets to hand me down clothing- I love my sister's good taste!
Family favorite purchase :)

8. They will listen to your boring stories (not that I have any).  Who cares what I made my kids for dinner every night this week? Who cares about the great deal I got on cereal yesterday? My sisters do! Or at least they seem to!  I love having someone I can always talk about the mundane with.

7. They are truly loyal. Sisters will mock to your face but defend you to anyone who tries to do the same. No matter bad decisions from fashion to life choices- they will stand by you.

6. There may be spats- but we survive.  Do we always agree with each other? No. Sometimes we can get in arguments, disagreements, and even fights, but we somehow always manage to forgive and move on.  We are not exactly alike and our differences could alienate us, but instead we try to respect each other and not be too sensitive.

5.  Escapism as mothers. Moms, in particular Stay-at-home-Moms, need breaks from some of the monotony of daily life.  Having sisters to call helps break up the day with some grown up conversations, jokes, and encouragement.

4. My childhood was incredible. I always had someone to play with- from Ems and I's "Daring Dancing Duo" to Betsy and I's amazing imagination play- I was never bored. I was watching my girls sled in the backyard last week, and their laughter and giddiness as they careened into a bush reminded me so much of snow-play with my sisters!
Jules and Ems circa 1980

3. You can always ask them for favors. Need someone to watch your kids while you work? Call your sister! Need someone to help cook and clean for a party? Call your sister! Moving help, painting, laundry- whatever- no task is too menial or annoying to burden a sister with.

2. Same sense of humor.  My sisters and I are hilarious together- our conversations on the phone or text messaging could be on the radio-- well, at least WE would find them funny.... Being raised by the same parents with the same media influences, we have very similar 'funny bones' and often find each other cracking up hysterically.
Never trust a blogging sister with a camera
1. They just get it. As they know me very well, my sisters give the best advice, nagging, and support to me. They know when to encourage me to make a change and to support me even when I am not ready.  I can't wait to see how Felicity and Grace's sisterhood develops over the years!

Easy Rule #34234- When you can't afford to buy the gifts your sisters REALLY deserve for Christmas- write a blog post about them instead.

Easy Rule #3432- Never trust an older sister who choreographs dance moves that require standing on shoulders- Thanks Ems, my head will never be the same.

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