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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Snow Day with Friend- Picture it!

Jules here-

As I am resolving to post a bit more, and I have a new laptop :) - no more excuses! This is the first Christmas since I moved to New Hampshire eleven years ago that wasn't white.  I was quite thrilled with the mild fall; however, our ski mountains and tourism industry has suffered.  Tuesday, the "true" winter has begun with our first 5-6 inches of snow.   The children gleefully watched as the lawn (and driveway...) filled with fluffy white snow. 

We had a sleepover guest- Grace's best friend- for TWO nights due to snowy weather! She got to partake in our annual tradition of snowman pancakes.  I simply make 3 different sized pancakes and give them a variety of toppings to make their own snowman.  James's turned out a bit like a Picasso snowman, but it still tasted delicious.


Later in the day, I suited up to snow blow and snow shovel my driveway-- AHHH! It was quite cold, and I am not in snow-shoveling-shape. My sore muscles ache today, but I did a thorough enough job to get my minivan out!
This is the "Before" picture... before it felt as if the wind had frozen off my face.

The children wanted to go outside too- and after 25 minutes of suiting them up, they lasted only 15 minutes outside in the 17 degree day....

I was so cold after my outdoor endeavors, that I had to bake a ton when I got back inside. I made the classic easiest pumpkin muffins and an apple pie muffin to help warm my house.

For dinner, I made some quick homemade pizza using the Betty Crocker dough recipe and the kids were able to add the toppings. Yummy and fun!

We were blessed with a plethora of board games for Christmas, including my favorite Bananagrams! Grace and Sophie played for hours; though they needed some "Is this a real word?" help they did great!  

It was a challenge to keep the little ones from knocking the puzzles...
We also could not have a sleepover-snow day without a movie night! We watched the classic Balto which is a snowy tale about sled-dogs. Quite entertaining and also safe for all ages- it's hard to find a movie to entertain all kiddos.
Cozy kiddos watching a film

 Having four kids on a snow day made it TONS of fun! We loved having a "best friend" who experienced sledding, pancakes, games, toys, and movies with us- thanks for loaning her to us Chrissy!

Side note- Yes, I am blogging on New Year's Eve-I lead a crazy wild life here!!! Hope everyone has a blessed, safe, healthy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Easy Rule #41321- Even though snow can be a bit daunting for a homeowner- it can be lovely to experience through the eyes of the children.

Easy Rule #4324- You can always take a hot shower and bake muffins when you're recovering from the cold.

Bonus picture- Took this from my car window on my way to work- seriously-- New Hampshire is gorgeous!!

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