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Monday, July 21, 2014

Cooking Contest Part 6-- All tied up

Jules here-

After the French Toast and the Burger Round-Up-- I thought that I had this contest in the bag... well, I was wrong.  Don took top honors during our Kid's Fun Snack category.  The kids cast the deciding votes in this competition, so we had to truly cater to the younger set.  Don created a tasty beach scene for the kids to indulge in pudding, teddy grahams, and even a gummy life savor:

Beach Pudding

2 packs of pudding mix (he used chocolate & butterscotch)
Blue icing (for the water)
Crushed graham(crackers for the beach)
Teddy Grahams
Gummy life-savers
Cocktail umbrellas
I chose a slightly healthier route which did not serve me well in the competition as kids naturally will choose chocolate over anything else.  I used the recipe for "sparkly grapes" to create little caterpillars with frozen yogurt blueberry "flowers":
Sparkly Grapes
1 box watermelon jello powder
1 box lemon jello powder. 

After washing grapes, dry them until they are damp dry. Sprinkle or toss with a blend of both watermelon & lemon jello powder.  The grapes will be lightly dusted creating a a "sparkly" look.  They taste a bit like sour patch kid.  

Yogurt Flower
Yogurt (any flavor)

Coat each blueberry in yogurt and shape into little clusters of "flowers".  Freeze on wax paper for 45 minutes. 

As for the caterpillar eyes-- I simple stuck a mini chocolate chip to the bottom of a white chocolate chip-- YUM!  Add some pretzel stick legs-- and you've got a creature!

The kids were obviously thrilled with this contest, and though I lost- I got to eat some yummy, silly snacks. Plus, Don made it up to me by cooking my FAVORITE Don-dinner later that night.  The one reason we will never have a "pizza" contest is that I know he would crush me with this recipe:

Roasted Garlic and Baby Shrimp Pizza
Roasting garlic
Take the number of garlic cloves you want to roast and place them in aluminum foil.
You can buy garlic that is already pealed at the store. This saves time.
Coat the garlic with Olive Oil and then add Sea Salt.
Close up the foil and place it in the oven for 1 hour at 425 degrees.
Once the garlic has finished roasting, remove it from the oven and let cool.

For the pizza
Roll out the dough (store-bought or homemade)  to your desired size and place it on a pizza tray or baking tray.
Strategically place the shrimp on the dough.
Roughly chop the roasted garlic and place it on the dough.
Chop fresh basil then spread it on the dough with the shrimp and garlic.
Use the olive oil from the aluminum (that was used to roast the garlic) and drizzle it over the pizza.
Add more olive oil if needed.
Lastly, top with shredded pizza cheese (not too much though).
Place in oven for 10-15 minutes at 450 degrees.

So super delicious-- I could eat the whole thing.  Seriously.

For those of you keeping score:
Don has won: Appetizer, Main-dish Chicken, Kid's Snack. (Total: 3 wins)
Jules has won: Soup, Breakfast: French Toast, and Burgers (Total: 3 wins)

Easy Rule #5342- With cooking contests, everybody wins-- because you get to eat.

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