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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Right Time for Resolutions

Jules here-

It's almost the end of January- time to start on those pesky resolutions....

Honestly, I haven't been motivated even to reflect on what needs self-improvement with my time being consumed with extra work hours, finding a home, and homeschooling-- but, since I might have found a new home (I am NOT going to jinx it, I have had some cruddy luck lately with home buying) I am ready to consider some lofty goals for the new year. 

With kids, after awhile one tends to give up on "keeping up" with chores, cleaning, and organizing. I definitely gave up on my last home--I let them win.  I am hoping with the new home I can re-focus my efforts to start fresh. So instead of New Year's Resolutions, I give you my New Home Resolutions:

  • Sticking to a Meal Plan- At times, I have been fantastic with planning my weekly meals, following a budget with groceries, and rotating through healthful dishes for the family.... but when I get busy I tend to "whip" up quick dinners without much thought, and the children tend to eat quite a lot of pasta.  On pinterest, there are dozens of boards that focus on weekly meal planning, schedules, and freezer-meal-making that should make my cooking life easier.

    I like the magnet idea, less writing on my part
  • Coming up with a Chore Chart- My children know they have to clean their toys up, brush their teeth, etc., but I hate to nag, threaten, and reward constantly.  I want a silent system. I want a daily board that they can glance at and realize, "Hey, I haven't finished what needs to be done, so I better not even think of asking Mom for dessert or screen time."  Plus, I want my children to have more responsibility so as they get older they will continually make contributions to running the household.  I have to make this system non-reader friendly as my younger two need this more than my older one, so I am thinking of coming up with some kind of picture/magnet system.  Once I hone this- I will post my results.  
  •  A Receipt-Based Budget- I am fantastic at estimating budgets, but I want a more specific budget this year, in which I need to keep all of my receipts to track spending. It sounds old-school but I think it will help me stay on top of my spending even more.  I want a whole financial "center" on my desk so I can always have a place for receipts, bills, and financial documents.

    The Muppet Show Night!  They LOVED it!
  •  More Scheduled Fun- Sounds tedious, right?  I always see these fantastic ideas about hosting a "Family Game Night" or "Movie Night", preparing a "Theme Dinner," or "Dates with Each Kid".  I love those ideas, and my children love it when I plan something special/different for them.  I would use my meal plan to reinforce the "Fun" night by preparing an appropriate menu! 

    Courtesy of
  • Cleaning Schedule- My most ambitious goal of all: stick to a chore chart for myself.  I want to have the "clean house" feeling every day not just once in awhile, but I don't want to go crazy. I have read all the blogs, posts, and Internet sites claiming if you just keep a daily schedule, life will run smoothly- we shall see....
Start your betting now-- how long do you think my new ambitious schedule will last? Odds are not in my favor.... but I am going to try! 

Easy Rule #5352- It's never too late to start anew.

Easy Rule #523490- If your house gets too dirty or messy- sell it and buy a new one.

Displaying IMG_0782.JPG
How we are passing the winter: James is waiting outside of Pop-pop's door to play pool with him.  And, yes, he is wearing "basketball" shorts as he is still obsessed with sports.

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