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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Breather & Potty Time

Jules here-
Watching Pop-Pop shovel, again.

Ah- the weekend! I didn't realize how full-tilt I have been going these past few weeks until I had a day completely off: no work, no travel, and no activities/events.  Because of an icy, snowy, mess my plans of attending a holiday parade were derailed.  Instead, it was a comfy pants and slipper day and it was fantastic. Usually my children have the allotted 30 minutes of TV time- but today, I splurged with a Mickey Mouse Christmas special AND my favorite California Raisin's Claymation Christmas (I found the full episode on youtube-- and if you have never seen it- watch it now it's 24 minutes. The Carol of the Bells is incredible).  If you have a big blank spot below, it's because you are on mobile- the youtube videos only work on your PC:

Though I did homeschool today, the 1 1/2 hours of TV time enabled me to just space out on Pinterest and pretty much do nothing. Glorious.

What did I look up most on Pinterest you ask? Well--
And the following:
So guess what we have succeeded with?  Potty training! Suddenly my newly-3 year old son just got it! However, unlike little ladies when they learn to use the toilet, there is quite a lot of collateral damage with training a little boy... Ems had already warned me.  Nothing did quite prepare me for the the continual "Push your winky down!" comments and the perpetual pool of pee that decorates the floor after he has finished.  I have just ordered a Thomas potty seat that claims to have a "really high spill guard" up front to keep accidents from happening... we'll see. No matter what- I am super proud of my big guy, James, for just suddenly getting being potty trained.
Big Guy is finally using the potty! Now only if he could control the fire hose....
A lazy day as a mom involves cooking, laundry, cleaning up urine, and more- but it also allows moms to not shower, put on make-up, or get kids dressed in "real" clothes.  I read tons of books to the kids, decorated a gingerbread house (a pre-boxed one) and truly cherished some down time.

Note the creative marshmallow snowman and cone-tree... NOT included in kit... we are just that clever.

Easy Rules #52104- The holidays are a hectic time, don't forget to stop and enjoy some Christmas TV and mindless Internet time.

Easy Rules #3587- When you have a day off and don't get out of sweatpants, make sure there isn't any photo evidence.

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  1. Evidently, the collateral damage lasts well into their 30's. So I've heard.