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Monday, September 23, 2013

Where to Begin?

Ems, here-

I'm the (ever so slightly) older sister, not necessarily the wiser, and the mother of seven children. Five are boys.  I live in Ohio and my sister, Jules, and I are planning on giving this blog thing a shot. Mostly because we realize that we have a lot of stuff bouncing around in our combined heads, and maybe our daily phone calls with each other should be recorded for posterity..we will probably produce a lot of posterity....

Your turn, Jules!

Jules here--

I am the (slightly) younger sister who will also be sharing my experiences of raising three children (5 and under), homeschooling, cooking, and even working (very) part-time. My friends have often asked me how I juggle everything, and though I sometimes crumble under daily pressure, I do manage to keep my children fed, educated, and --for the most part- happy! 

As this is our first online blogging experience, bear with us as we endeavor to make this user-friendly, informative, and hopefully very entertaining.

Thanks for reading!

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